vacuum system in phospholipid concentrate

Soybean lecithin concentrate is a very common health care and health care drugs, people in life is often taken some soy lecithin, of course, soy lecithin is also very helpful to our health. Soybean lecithin concentrate is the basic raw material for deep processing of soybean phospholipid. In order to reduce the processing cost and improve the profits of enterprises, many manufacturers have re selected the negative pressure system of soybean phospholipid concentrate. It is suggested that manufacturers try to use the vacuum system in soybean phospholipid concentrate.

The effect and function of soybean phospholipid concentrate: 1. Delaying aging; 2. Vascular scavenger, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; 3. Invigorating the brain and improving intelligence, preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Phospholipid is a kind of phospholipid compounds with important physiological functions, which is extracted from the hydration of vegetable oil (soybean oil, rapeseed oil) from feet, animal brain or egg yolk. Generally, phospholipids are complex mixtures, including phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), etc. Phospholipid is an important surfactant, which has the properties of emulsification, wetting, dispersing and instant dissolution. It can be widely used in food, nutrition and health care products, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries.

Soybean lecithin concentrate is prepared by dehydration and drying of hydrated oil residue. The quality of oil residue is an important factor affecting the quality of phospholipids. The dehydration temperature of phospholipids plays a decisive role in the color of phospholipids. Soybean lecithin concentrate is also the basic raw material for deep processing of soybean phospholipids, and its quality has a great impact on the subsequent processing.

Advantages of vacuum system for soybean lecithin concentrate

1. When a vacuum source is needed, the required vacuum degree can be achieved in a very short time.

2. The vacuum source is more stable and sufficient.

3. One system can be used by multiple worktables at the same time without affecting the operation of different units.

4. When the vacuum source stored in the pressure vessel is sufficient, the vacuum pump can stop working / stop operation in turn, so as to prolong the rest time of the pump, so as to reduce the loss of pump, parts and oil, reduce the operation and maintenance costs, and reduce the noise in the workplace.

5. It is easy to operate and master.

The importance of soybean lecithin concentrate and the advantages of vacuum system in soybean lecithin concentrate are the basis for improving the product quality and competitiveness of soybean phospholipid concentrate. It can create conditions for reducing the time of concentration and dehydration. It can not only save energy, but also improve product quality. What is important is that the vacuum system has stability and makes the production run more smoothly.

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