Vietnam liquid ring compressor

Today we introduce a Vietnam 2be1 liquid ring compressor

Vietnam liquid ring compressor

Vietnam liquid ring compressor maintenance procedures

Liquid ring compressor is a kind of vacuum equipment that can produce a vacuum. It can be used wherever a vacuum is needed. How to maintain it?

1. Check whether the pipes and joints are loose. Turn the pump by hand to see if it is flexible.

2. Add bearing lubricating oil to the bearing body, 2BEC water ring compressor, observe the oil level should be at the middle line of the oil mark, and the lubricating oil should be replaced or supplemented in time.

3. Unscrew the water diversion screw plug of the pump body of the liquid ring compressor, and pour water diversion or grouting.

4. Close the gate valve of outlet pipe, outlet pressure gauge and inlet vacuum gauge.

5, inching motor, try the motor steering is correct.

6. Start the motor. After normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge and inlet liquid ring compressor.

7, try to control the flow and head in the scope indicated on the label, to ensure that the liquid ring compressor in high efficiency operation, energy saving effect.

8. During operation, the bearing temperature shall not exceed the ambient temperature of 35℃ or 80℃.

9. If abnormal sound is found, stop immediately to check the reason.

10, to stop using, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

The long-term application of liquid ring compressor, 2BE1 water ring compressor, can not be separated from its usual maintenance, it contains a lot of accessories, maintenance needs to be careful, 2BE1 liquid ring compressor manufacturers, to ensure the high-speed operation of equipment, in the process of operation, at any time to check its movement.

Can liquid ring compressor pump water after pumping? The answer is no.

1, if you use the liquid ring compressor pumping must be the liquid ring compressor water supply to stop, otherwise it will cause the vacuum pump load is very high, causing the motor burn.

2, if the use of liquid ring compressor to pump water, must be appropriate, do not know the vacuum pump model is a single pump or unit, or do not take the risk.

3. If the tank is negative pressure, you can add a filtrate pump (gram negative pump) to the tank, or use a vacuum automatic drain tank.

Therefore, for safety, the liquid ring compressor can not pump after pumping.

There may be some problems in the use of liquid ring compressor. When these problems come, what should we do?

I. vacuum pump degree is not enough:

Possible reasons: insufficient power supply of the motor leads to insufficient rotation speed; Insufficient water supply; The clearance between impeller and distribution plate is too large; Mechanical seal damage leads to leakage and air leakage; Excessive impeller wear; Recycled water doesn’t drain out.

Exclusion method: check whether the supply voltage is within the rated voltage range of the motor; Increase the water supply (must be controlled in the correct range, otherwise it will lead to motor overload and heating); Adjust the gap between impeller and distribution plate (generally 0.15-0.20mm); Replace mechanical seal; Change impeller; Check outlet piping.

Ii. When it fails to start or starts with high noise:

Possible reasons: insufficient power supply voltage of the motor; Motor out of phase operation; Long time failure of pump leads to corrosion; Inhalation of sundries in pump; Impeller drag distribution plate.

Elimination method: check whether the supply voltage is too low; Check whether the motor wiring is firm; If the pump does not use for a long time leading to corrosion can add some rust remover or open the pump cover artificially remove rust; Open pump cover to remove sundries; Adjust the distance between impeller and distribution plate.

Iii. When the motor overheats:

Possible reasons: excessive water supply leads to motor overload; Motor phase deficiency; Blocked vent; Impeller drag other parts.

Elimination method: reduce the water supply to the normal range (refer to the pump instruction manual); Check whether the wiring is firm; Check vent; Open the pump cover to adjust the clearance between the impeller and other parts.

Iv. Insufficient flow:

Possible causes: pipeline leakage of air and liquid; Increased resistance losses;

Elimination method: check the mechanical seal at the joint; Check pipeline and check valve for trouble-free.

The above is the Vietnam liquid ring compressor manufacturer summarized some common problems of liquid ring compressor, with our summary, when these failures occur, we will not be afraid.

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