Vietnam liquid ring roots unit

EVP vacuum technology co., LTD. Is a professional with advanced technology and more than 10 years, senior engineer in a vacuum field team to sell Vietnam liquid ring unit roots, and to provide a vacuum application technology solutions and all kinds of vacuum pump accessories maintenance and central vacuum system engineering design and construction, integrating project technical services of high-tech enterprises. The company has been recognized and praised by customers for its technology, reliable product quality and excellent service.

Vietnam liquid ring roots unit

The products are widely used in electronics, semiconductor industry, packaging, printing, food industry, plastic and rubber industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospital negative pressure system and laboratory device, logistics technology, environmental protection engineering, automotive engineering, woodworking machinery and so on. And can be used for vacuum blister, vacuum packaging, vacuum exhaust, vacuum degassing, vacuum transport, vacuum suction, vacuum stirring, vacuum fixing, vacuum distillation, vacuum separation, vacuum molding, vacuum casting, vacuum protection heat treatment and welding process

Negative pressure system, vacuum system is widely applied in hospital shoemaking technology, machinery, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, electrician, printing, textile, plate vulcanizing machine, CNC engraving machine, semiconductor, circuit boards, batteries, capacitors, transformers, automatic injection type, such as polyurethane technology companies with professional application of vacuum technology, engineering design, installation, debugging, maintenance, and the central vacuum system process solutions, to provide users with more high-quality and efficient service. And provide non-standard manufacturing negative pressure tank, steam separator, muffler for PLC system control box, vacuum pump, vacuum applications such as piping engineering equipment, and provide vacuum consumable materials such as oil mist separator, carbon films, blade, vacuum pump oil, seal kits, air filter, bearing, one-way valve, shafts, check valve, oil, etc

Liquid ring roots vacuum unit of proper maintenance method

Different from a variety of separate pump equipment, the liquid ring roots vacuum unit is composed of ZJ roots pump as the main pumping pump, and the front pump is composed of 2SK double-stage liquid ring pump or roots water ring unit. Its structure and working mode are more complex, and it is more particular about maintenance. Below small make up will introduce its correct maintenance method for you.

1. When the equipment is out of use for a long time, the pump shall be completely disassembled, wiped dry, and the rotating part and joint shall be coated with grease for proper storage.
2. Check the wear condition of the shaft sleeve regularly and replace it in time after big wear.
3. Generally speaking, after working for 2000 hours, roots vacuum unit should conduct maintenance to check the aging degree of pujae seals, check whether the exhaust valve blade is cracked, and clean up the dirt deposited on the valve blade and exhaust valve seat. Clean the whole pump chamber parts, such as rotor, rotor, spring, etc. Usually cleaned with gasoline and dried. After cleaning the rubber parts, dry them with a dry cloth.
4. The oil change period shall be decided by the user according to the actual operating conditions and whether it can meet the performance requirements. Generally, when the new equipment is used to remove clean and dry gas, it is recommended to change the oil once for about 100 hours. After the black metal powder can’t be seen in the oil, the oil changing period can be extended appropriately.

5, to stop using, first close the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.
6, try to control the flow of equipment and head in the scope indicated on the sign, to ensure the efficiency of its operation, in order to obtain a greater energy saving effect.
7, in the winter season of use, after stopping, need to pump the lower part of the water release screw screw unscrewed the medium to put clean, to prevent frost crack.

The above is the correct maintenance method of the liquid ring roots vacuum unit. In order to ensure the long-term efficiency of the unit, it is necessary to do a good job in its cleaning, lubrication, inspection and other work, and master the above knowledge content proficiently, in any time of its work can not slack off, can work in a long-term efficiency.

Vietnam liquid ring roots unit ordering guide

1. Face shopping:
Customers can come directly to our factory, to visit our factory, on-site purchase, our company’s professional and technical personnel to explain, so that customers need to buy their own products for a comprehensive understanding, do know, rest assured to buy.

2. Negotiation and planning:

If customers decide to buy products after on-site inspection, they can choose the right type of products under the guidance of technicians. According to customers’ needs, we will send technicians to assist and guide the site planning of equipment.

3. Direct logistics:

If it is inconvenient for customers to come, our company will deliver goods for customers through logistics. Customers can pick up goods in their own company. Meanwhile, we have a technical team to provide after-sales service for customers.

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