water ring vacuum pump of improving performance of method

water ring vacuum pump of improving performance of method

Preparation before operation

1.Select the appropriate equipment height;

2.Remove debris around the vacuum pump;

During operation

1.Strengthen inspection to ensure that there is no obvious abnormal noise such as collision and friction when monitoring equipment is working;

2.Check whether the peak value of motor working current exceeds the rated value;

3. Check whether the import and export pressure exceeds 5% of the rated value;

4.Check whether the temperature of the lubricating oil is too high;

Possible problems and solutions

1.The vacuum pump consumes too much power
2.Check the rotation direction.
3.Check the impeller and replace it as required.
4.Check whether the clearance of internal wear parts is normal.
5.Straighten the pump shaft or replace it as required.
6.Vacuum pump will stop after running for a while
7.Check whether there are obstacles.
8.Check the inlet pipeline for air holes or air leakage.
9.Check whether the packing or seal in the stuffing box is worn.

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