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What are the requirements for welding flange connections?

(1) flange welding quality

The flange should be perpendicular to the center line of the pipe. Use a square rule to find the flange perpendicular to the pipe. The tube end is inserted into the flange at the depth of l / 2 of the flange thickness. The inside and outside of the flange shall be welded, and the weld on the inside of the flange shall not protrude from the sealing surface. The burr and slag shall be cleaned after welding the flange, the inner hole shall be smooth, and the flange surface shall be free from spatter.

(2) flange assembly requirements

When the flange is assembled, the two flanges should be parallel to each other. Gasket generally adopts rubber asbestos board, gasket shall not use inclined pad and multi-layer, gasket size should be the same as flange sealing surface.

Flange connection should be the same specification of bolts, installation direction is the same, that is, the nut in the same side. When tightening bolts, they should be symmetrical and uniform with the same tightness. The exposed length of the screw after tightening should not be greater than 1/2 of the diameter of the screw.

What are the requirements for the erection of the support (crane, carrier) frame?

(1) setting of the fixed bracket

The fixing bracket must be set up according to the design position, the fixing bracket should be set between the two compensators, and the fixing bracket should be set when the natural compensation is made by bending the pipe. The structure of the fixing bracket shall meet the design requirements and be firmly fixed so that the pipe cannot be moved.

(2) movable bracket

Movable support shall ensure that the pipe can be freely retractable.

1) the sliding bracket under the pipe should be soldered firmly with the pipe. When welding, it should be paid attention to prevent biting meat and burning through the pipe.
2) there should be a gap of 3-5mm between the guide bracket sliding support and both sides of the chute.
3) the installation position of the slide support on the bracket should leave a certain offset to the opposite direction of expansion.
4) the boom with thermal extension pipe should also be offset in the opposite direction of thermal expansion.

(3) fixation of the bracket

1) for the bracket embedded in the wall, the interior of the human wall shall generally not be less than 120mm. Before burying the human, clean the hole in the wall, wet it with water, and fill it tightly with l-2 cement mortar and appropriate stones.
2) when the expansion bolts are used for anchoring, the size, bolt spacing and bearing capacity of the bolts shall meet the design requirements.
3) when welding brackets on embedded iron parts, the weld length and height shall meet the design requirements.

What are the requirements for bending quality of steel pipe?

(1) bending radius, hot bending shall not be less than 3.5 times the outer diameter of the pipe, and cold bending shall not be less than 4 times the outer diameter of the pipe. The elbow for the compensator shall be greater than 4 times the outside diameter.
(2) the elbow should be free from cracks, layering, overburning and other defects.
(3) the bend ellipticity and creasing irregularity shall not exceed the allowable deviation in table 7-11.

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