What effect does dust have on dry vacuum pump

Dust has a certain impact on the dry vacuum pump, which is known by many users. However, although they know the impact, they can not have a good impact. For this, we will introduce it in detail next.

What effect does dust have on dry vacuum pump

Dry vacuum pump is generally used in industrial production, so it is normal to generate dust. If you do not pay attention to the usual cleaning work, the dust will accumulate more and more. Since the working medium of the vacuum pump is mainly liquid, dust and dirt are easy to form due to its own physical working process after long-term operation of the equipment. If not cleaned in time, the normal use of the equipment may be affected. When dust and dirt accumulate, the vacuum rate of the vacuum pump will decrease. As the center of the impeller blade and the inlet, the pressure relief valve indicates that there is dust on the frame, so the volume of the sealing chamber will be reduced, and the capacity of entering and removing gas will also be reduced.

When the incrustation part of the pump is covered with the indoor space of the blade base or the prompt box of the inlet and exhaust valve is blocked by dust, the inlet and exhaust capacity will reduce the consumption of the dry screw vacuum pump and obtain vacuum. After scaling, the vacuum pump not only reduces the vacuum packing rate, but also increases the output power. Due to the composition of dirt, the prompt box of the pressure reducing valve is reduced. When the prompt box is cleared, the compression ratio of the gas in the chamber is expanded, so as to improve the output power. If there is too much dust and it is not cleaned in time, the service performance of the vacuum pump will be affected, and the service life of the pump will be affected after a long time, which will virtually increase the service cost of the enterprise. Therefore, attention must be paid to cleaning at ordinary times.

In terms of the impact of dust on the dry vacuum pump, the above methods can be used to solve the problems to reduce the impact of dust on the equipment, so as to effectively extend the service efficiency and service life of the equipment.

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