What vacuum pump is most suitable for your needs?

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In a wide range of industries, vacuum pumps are used in a variety of applications, ranging from cargo packaging to moisture removal. From hospitals and commercial repression equipment to factories that assemble cars and aircraft, industrial vacuum pumps make operation simpler, cleaner and healthier.
In order to meet the wide demand of this technology, a number of different types of vacuum pumps have been developed in the past century. Some are more suitable for commercial manufacturing, while others are more suitable for hospitals and service industries. No matter what kind of requirements exist in the industry, there is no doubt that vacuum pumps can meet each requirement and provide the greatest performance advantage.

What vacuum pump is most suitable for your needs?

Different types of vacuum pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps are mechanical devices used to remove gases from enclosed spaces to produce vacuum. Industrial vacuum pumps are widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, food and beverage processing, power generation and many other industries. There are many types of industrial vacuum pump systems. Read the following for more information on different types.
Rotary vane
Rotary vane industrial vacuum pumps work by positive displacement, which requires a constant amount of gas to be discharged from the inlet pressure part of the pump. The rotary vane pump consists of a series of blades, which are installed in the rotor and rotated in the cavity. When the blades rotate, centrifugal forces extend them from their respective grooves to form compression units.
Rotary screw-oil flooding
The rotary screw pump includes two parallel rotating screw rods in the pump housing. The screw rotates in the opposite direction synchronously, which leads to compression action. The gas is compressed along the outlet direction of the pump. The most common way of pump cooling is through oil lubrication circuit with air cooling heat exchanger. Vacuum devices are often used in centralized systems rather than in point-of-use/application specific situations. Oil-free versions are also available.
Claw vacuum pump consists of two rotors, which do not contact each other in the process of rotation. When the rotor rotates, the gas moves from the suction side to the pressure side, where the pressure difference between the two sides causes the gas to be compressed. Cooling air is sucked into the compression housing to lower the temperature before leaving the pump.
Articulated piston
Articulated piston industrial vacuum pumps operate in a manner similar to automotive engines. When the piston moves downward in the cylinder, air is inhaled through the intake valve. During the piston’s upward stroke, air is allowed to be discharged through the exhaust valve. Two spring-supported piston rings are used to seal the piston to the cylinder.
Liquid ring
The liquid ring pump can also be operated by positive displacement. During operation, the impeller of the pump rotates in the pump housing. The rotating liquid ring then seals the impeller and its blades. The liquid is sucked into the compression chamber to keep the ring stable. During each impeller rotation, the conveyed gas is compressed.
Each pump type has its advantages and disadvantages, which will affect the pump you choose. For example, liquid ring pumps have a large capacity range, but they also have high operating and maintenance costs. Screw pump also has large capacity function. However, they are more sensitive to pollutants.

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