Why add check valve to roots vacuum pump

Most of the time, we use roots vacuum pump to pump air. When pumping, the pressure is used. There are valves on the vacuum pump. Each kind of valve, has the good function. Why add check valve to vacuum pump?

check valve

1. In order to protect the vacuum pump itself, the gas back filling will impact the impeller and make the pump rotate in reverse. In order to protect the roots vacuum pump and other equipment, check valve is generally installed at the pump outlet. Now more and more units install the check valve at the outlet, which can protect the pump and system. If the system is strictly required, there are also two check valves installed. The check valve plays a check role. After the equipment is closed, the pumped container is in a vacuum state, and the pressure of the pump chamber of the equipment is the same as that of the surrounding environment. Due to the pressure difference, when we close the equipment, the air of the equipment will be reversed back to the pumped container.

2. If we install a check valve in the pipeline and close the check valve before closing roots vacuum pump, the air in pump chamber will not return to the pumped container. At the moment of pump stop, the pressure at the exhaust port is greater than that at the air inlet. In order to prevent the water in the pump from being pressed back into the vacuum system, a check valve, also known as a check valve or one-way valve, is added at the air inlet.

3. Protection system: at the moment of pump shutdown due to fault, the inlet of the equipment and the connection of the system are in a vacuum state. The outlet of the pump is generally connected with the atmosphere. The pressure will bring water into the system and destroy the vacuum of the system. In order to protect the system, a check valve is usually installed at the inlet of the pump and the connection of the system.

Therefore, in order to use roots vacuum pump efficiently, it is necessary to add a check valve to the vacuum pump. Maintain pressure balance. Good for air extraction. So we must add check valve to the equipment. It can serve as a check-in function. When checking the vacuum pump, be sure to check whether the check valve is installed. Whether the installation is correct.

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