Why dry oil-free screw vacuum pumps use electricity for power

The power source of oil-free screw vacuum pump depends on the electricity, and different screw vacuum pump obtains electricity in different ways, and different power supply ways have different effects on the vacuum pump. Screw vacuum pump if the extraction medium, especially “water or liquid” when more power is needed, and small vacuum pump, small air pump extraction medium is more “gas” ratio. The operating current of screw vacuum pumps is generally larger than that of small vacuum pumps, about 1 to 10 amperes, while the operating current of small vacuum pumps ranges from a few hundred milliamps to a few amps.

Why dry oil-free screw vacuum pumps use electricity for power

The dry type oil-free screw vacuum pump is a dry type vacuum pump with no touch and equal pitch. The device is in the pump shell. There is a certain gap between the screw and the screw. The pump operation is stable, there is no conflict with each other, and there is no medium in the working cavity. Is the ideal environment, energy – saving vacuum pump. Compared with oil seal vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, vacuum pump is more suitable for different working environment. The dry type oil-free screw vacuum pump is composed of screw rotor, shell, gear, cooling cycle and sealing parts. The transmission shaft is connected with the active rotor and drives the rotor to rotate in opposite direction through the high-precision synchronous gear to carry out gas compression and exhaust, so as to achieve the purpose of air extraction.

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