Zj-10 Vacuum Gauge Tube

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Zj-10 Vacuum Gauge Tube


Zj-10 Vacuum Gauge Tube Size
Hot cathode ionization gauge

The regulator is a typical tri-boxed structure, using noble metal oxide cathode, with the characteristics of transient atmospheric impact resistance, stable performance, long life, suitable for medium and high vacuum measurement.

Technical parameters:

1. Measurement range: 6.5×101 ~ 1×10-4 Pa.

2. X-ray limit: 3×10-4 Pa

3. Regulatory sensitivity: 0.015±15% PA-1

4. Working parameters:

Accelerating pole-to-ground potential: 165V

Cathode to ground potential: 50V

Collection of pole-to-ground potential: 0V

Transmitting current: 50uA(1×102 ~ 1×10-2 Pa)

500 ua (1 x 1 x 10-4-2 ~ 10 pa)

5. Only reference measurements are used in the range of 102 ~ 6× 101 Pa and 3×10-4 Pa ~ 1×10-4 Pa.

6. Vacuum connection form and baking temperature:

Φ 15.5 + / – 0.5 glass 80 ℃

Φ 15.5 + / – 0.1 metal 80 ℃

KF10 quick discharge flange 80℃

KF16 quick discharge flange 80℃

KF25 quick discharge flange 80℃

KF40 quick discharge flange 80℃

CF16 ultra high flange 450℃

CF25 ultra high flange 450℃

CF35 ultra-high flange 450℃

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