Air blower for laser printers

Product introduction

The impeller of high pressure suction fan for laser printer is composed of dozens of blades, which is similar to the impeller of a huge gas turbine. The working principle of vortex fan the air in the middle of impeller blade is affected by centrifugal force and moves to the edge of impeller, where the air enters the annular cavity of pump body and circulates again in the same way from the starting point of blade.

Air blower for laser printers

The huge heat produced by the high-pressure suction fan of laser printer and the high current of motor may lead to the damage of air pump. Gas pump, gas into the main gas pump parts, but the main reason is to prevent the use of gas pump in the process of corrosion. Then, that is, when the whirlpool air pump is not used, it should be placed in a dry environment, so as to prevent its internal parts from rusting. At the same time, it should be maintained regularly and the inappropriate parts should be replaced in time. In this way, the machine can serve the enterprise better. Only the maintenance is good, can its work efficiency and quality be guaranteed, and it can also be used for the enterprise Production saves a lot of capital cost. In addition, when buying high-pressure fans, don’t be confused by the low price of fans. Many small domestic manufacturers, in order to obtain more benefits, use some inferior raw materials in the production process and fill them up. In this way, it is easy to cause serious quality problems in the machine, so in the process of purchasing, we must compare the products.

Air blower for laser printers

The main measures to improve the output of the vortex fan are: to improve the performance of the existing blower. For example, changing the driving force and increasing its power will increase the air volume and air pressure; increasing the rotating speed of the fan rotor will increase the air volume and pressure; the size of the air pump blade can be changed; the widening of the blade and the angle of the blade can change the air volume, but the common method is to increase the pressure with the same performance of vortex fans in series or in parallel.

(1) Visual inspection. Check whether the water pump and motor are fixed well, whether the bolts are loose or detached, and whether there are impurities around the rotating parts that hinder the operation.

(2) Lubrication check. Check the oil quality, oil quantity and oil temperature of bearing oil. The cooling water of bearing and motor should be smooth when water cooling is used.

(3) Packing inspection. Check the tightness of the packing.

Air blower for laser printers

(4) Check the water inlet pipe. Check the water level of the suction well and the filter screen for blockage.

(5) Turning gear. Turning gear is to use hand or special tools (turning gear) to rotate the coupling. In the process of rotation, attention should be paid to whether there is friction, impact sound and jamming in the pump. If so, find out the cause and deal with it quickly.

(6) The original state of the valve. If the vortex air pump start before the sluice valve should be closed.

(7) Fill the pump. Non self filling water pump must be filled with water before starting. In the process, pay attention to the air bleeding of the pump body.
(8) Press the start button. During the process, pay attention to the current change and listen to the rotating sound of the water pump unit.

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