Air compressor for gas transmission

Air compressor is also used for pipeline transportation and bottling of gas. When pipeline transportation of gas, air compressor is also used, such as remote gas transportation, bottling of various gases, etc.

What is the main purpose of air compressor

Application 1. air compressor can provide power through compressed air

Many industries use compressed air to provide certain power for production, from the driving of various pneumatic machinery to the sinking and floating of national defense industry and submarines, all of which have the power to convert to air compressor. It can be seen that this use of air compressor is the most common.

Application 2. Air compressor can be used for refrigeration industry and separation of mixed gas through compressed gas

In the artificial refrigeration industry, the gas can be compressed, cooled, expanded and liquefied by the air compressor, so as to achieve the effect of refrigeration and air conditioning; in addition, for the mixed gas, the air compressor can also separate the gas of various components through the separation device, so as to obtain various levels of gas.

Application 3. Air compressor can be used for synthesis and polymerization through compressed air
In the chemical industry, when the gas is compressed to high pressure, it is often conducive to the synthesis and polymerization of gas.

Application 4. Air compressor can be used for gas transmission

In the pipeline transportation of gas, air compressor will also be used, such as remote gas transportation, various gas bottling and so on. Air compressor is a kind of equipment used to compress gas. The structure of air compressor is similar to that of water pump. Air compressor is widely used in all walks of life in industrial production. Because of its wide use and function, it can be involved in various fields.

Choosing air compressor depends on the input power of the whole machine

When purchasing air compressor, customers need to pay attention to the actual input power of the whole machine when the rated pressure is running, instead of simply looking at the displacement calibrated on the nameplate!

Unit nameplate rated power actual input power of the whole machine

The higher the input power of the whole machine is, the larger the displacement can be

The air compressor industry has experienced years of development in China, and the relevant industry standards and specifications are becoming more and more perfect. The phenomenon of flow false standard with simple and rough nameplate parameters has been gradually controlled and standardized. However, in fact, the nameplate displacement of different brands and models with the same power can still produce large differences, with 5-10% or even 15-25% flow differences. For the vast majority of non professional customers, it’s a bit of a circle!

Air compressor for gas transmission

Air compressor for gas transmission

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