Air compressors used in the pharmaceutical industry

Air compressor in pharmaceutical industry application

Air compressor is widely used in medical industry. Pharmaceutical companies also use air compressors to supply air to medical devices. It can be said that the air compressor is necessary in the medical industry. The use of air compressor will not cause any pollution to the medicine, and the safety is very high.

Compressed air for pharmaceutical industry is generally used in filling machine of liquid preparation, pelletizer, pulper, filling machine, packaging machine, printer of solid preparation, extraction tank of extraction process. Therefore, there are test gas, powder material transportation, drying, purging, pneumatic instrument elements, automatic control gas, etc.

In pharmaceutical industry, compressed air machine is in direct contact with medicine, so compressed air machine must be kept clean. The compressed air must pass the regular inspection after purification to ensure that it meets the production requirements, and must pass the GMP inspection and certification. The content of oil, water, solid particles and biological particles in compressed air must be controlled, and no smell is required.

Compressed air is used in tablet transportation, plastic packaging and bottling. Because compressed air is directly in contact with the product, oil pollution will cause drug pollution and affect human health, oil-free air compressor must be used.

Compressed air provides enough clean oxygen for bacteria in the manufacturing process of antibiotics. Even a very small amount of oil can kill bacteria and pollute the final product, so it is necessary to use air compressor.

Oxygen is provided to accelerate the drying process. As the compressed air is directly in contact with the product, the existence of oil pollution will cause drug pollution and affect human health, so the air compressor must be used.

The oil in the compressed air will be directly attached to the drugs when the coated tablets are sprayed, which will seriously affect the quality of the products and even harm the health of the users. Therefore, the air compressor must be used.

In the pipeline transportation of powdery drugs, because the air directly contacts with drugs, if the air quality is not clean, it will cause product pollution and affect human health, so air compressor must be used.

Instrument gas is mainly used for pneumatic instruments and precision (pressure, flow) regulators. Except that biological particles are not controlled and no smell is required, other control items are the same as preparation gas. The quality standard of instrument air can be found in GB / t13277 quality grade of general compressed air.

The general requirements for the quality index of preparation gas are as follows.

Manufacturing and process operations, including the compressed air used in the sterilization process, should be:

(1) Supplied by air compressor, oil-free and oil-free, except for discharge in uncontrolled environmental area.

(2) In order to prevent condensation in the pipeline, the air shall be dehumidified.

Air compressors used in the pharmaceutical industry

Air compressors used in the pharmaceutical industry

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