Air compressors used in the power industry

Electricity is one of the most important sources of energy in a country. This is also the national economic construction. No matter which type of power generation is used, the power station cannot be separated from the air body compressor. Depending on the type and location of the power generation industry. Air of different masses should be selected. The so-called different types refer to the power industry is mainly divided into thermal power stations, hydroelectric power stations and nuclear power stations (other energy sources such as wind power stations, solar power stations, etc.). Not included here). The so-called different places refer to the places in the same power station where different compressed air bodies are used, such as metering gas, deashing gas and miscellaneous compression. Air body compressor screw air body according to the following categories. Because there is a lot of pressure with compressed air.

The application and configuration of air compressor system in power industry will be introduced below.

I. Thermal power plants

The compressed air body in thermal power plant mainly includes instrument compressed air body system, factory miscellaneous compressed air body system, water treatment compressed air body system and deashing compressed air body system, which are introduced in four different places.

1. Compressed air body system of control instrument:

A large number of control instruments are needed to support the operation of thermal generating units. However, the motion of these control instruments is controlled by the compressed air body. The starting gas pressure of the control instrument is usually 0.6500.70 mpa. Gas consumption reduces air body system. Generally speaking, for the thermal power plant of 2300 mw, it can be determined according to the capacity of the thermal power set.

The compressed air body consumption of the instrument is 40 units. Considering that during the operation of two thermal power units, the demand for compressed air body is sometimes large and sometimes small. When the gas consumption is less than 20m3/min. A 20m3/min air compressor will automatically stop. That is, the special requirements of compressed air bodies cannot be stopped at any time. Therefore, the configuration of the instrument air body compressor requires two operations, one standby and one overhaul. Of course, the configuration of many power stations is not identical. After selecting the empty button. Because the air body compressor must consider the quality of the compressed air body. According to the supply of air to the instrument, the quality of compressed air body is higher. The mass grade of the compressed air body used in the instrument is generally set as 2-3-2, that is, solid particle grade 2. Water content grade 3; Oil content 2. In the past. When the instrument with compressed air body injection screw compressor development is slow. 2z3/82z3 / oil-free reciprocating air press is commonly used in China. At present, the prominent advantage of screw air press decided to phase out the reciprocating air press. In addition, improve the technical level of gas purification equipment. The instrument with compressed air oil air compressor and air purification equipment can be completely achieved by spraying. Quality requirements. Of course, oil-free screw air presses are also possible, but from an economic point of view. Easier to operate and maintain. It is cheaper to use an oil injection screw air body compressor.

2. Factory miscellaneous compressed air body system:

Such as cleaning pipes. The amount of gas consumed is also usually determined by the size of the power station and its use, such as a 2,300 megawatt thermal unit. The gas consumption of the various compressed air bodies in the plant is usually up to two screws of 20m3/min, because the compressed air bodies are used to purge pipes or overhaul machine compressors. When used for pneumatic tools, etc. Also, for this reason, there is no need to use compressed air bodies. The quality requirement is not high. Therefore, other compressed air body systems in general factories, such as the instrument compressed air body, cannot stop the air supply. Compressor without compressed air body. According to iso/dp8573/183. The quality requirement is 4-6-5, that is, solid particle grade 4; Water content 6, oil content 5.

3. Water treatment compressed air body system:

The water treatment system of hydropower station is generally divided into boiler make-up water treatment system and industrial waste water treatment system.

3.1 boiler make-up water treatment system

Boiler make-up water treatment system can be attributed to the difference of water quality of different power plants. There are three types. The better the quality of each water treatment source, the simpler the water treatment system. Between these valves and instrument system equipment are a number of pneumatic diaphragm valves and pneumatic instruments. This action is achieved by compressing the air body. Under normal circumstances, the volume of compressed air is not very large. But air body compressors have higher quality requirements. For example, only one m33/min air compressor is needed for the make-up water treatment system of the power plant boiler. Two groups of m33/min were arranged, taking into account spare machines and other factors. Empty press. The water treatment system of power plant adopts two-stage oil filtration and adsorption dryer, which requires the quality of compressed air body. According to the recommendation of iso/dp8573/188. The mass requirement of compressed air in the system is generally 233, that is, solid particle grade 2. Water content grade 3; Oil level 3

3.2 wastewater treatment system

In the wastewater treatment system. Because some compressed air bodies are used for pneumatic equipment. For some devices, the action is controlled by compressing the air body, while another part of the compressing air body mixes the waste water (some plants use roots blower for mixing treatment). The system also USES different compressed air volumes for different waste water treatment facilities.

4. Ash removal air body compressor system:

According to different pressures, the ash removal system can be divided into negative pressure ash removal system, positive pressure ash removal system, low positive pressure ash removal system and hydraulic ash removal system. Four ash removal systems. The so-called positive pressure ash removal system requires the positive pressure ash removal system to use compressed air body for ash removal. The positive pressure is formed by air compressor and warehouse pump in ash conveying pipeline. Among them, silo pump transport is divided into single silo pump and multiple silo pump. Most of the output of the system is within the range of 10 ~ 60t/h and the distance is within 1000 meters. As there are various modes of conveying in the positive pressure ash removal system, the amount of compressed air required is also different.

2. Hydropower station

Air compressor is mainly used for instrument compressed air body system, miscellaneous plant air body system and equipment dynamic compressed air body system. The compressed air gas system of hydropower station is the same as that of thermal power plant. The quality requirements of compressed air vary with the amount of gas consumed. The miscellaneous compressed air body system is mainly used for equipment maintenance and pipe cleaning. The gas consumption is similar to that of miscellaneous air gas system in thermal power plant and the quality requirement of compressed air gas is the same as that of miscellaneous air gas system in thermal power plant. The power compressed air gas system of hydropower station equipment is mainly used for the replacement between generator sets. In addition, the gas consumption is also relatively large, the generator set and other links of the brake is also relatively large. The mass of the compressed air body is similar to that of the compressed air body used in the instrument.

3. Nuclear power station

The application of air body compressors in nuclear power plants may have only one less ash removal system than in thermal power plants. The other three applications require a screw air body compressor. The capacity of the empty compressor can be determined according to the size of the power plant. Air compressor quality requirements can be based on the corresponding system requirements of thermal power plants. In addition, the screw air press is also used in the construction of nuclear power plants.

Air compressors used in the power industry

Air compressors used in the power industry

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