Basic vacuum pump selection

What should be paid attention to for qualified vacuum pump?

Vacuum pump is the most difficult mechanical product in all pump series, because the vacuum degree directly affects the production process of users. This requires our manufacturers to assemble the vacuum pump in strict accordance with the specified size, careful and professional work, so how to produce a qualified vacuum pump? And what are the key factors influencing the qualification of vacuum pump in the assembly process?

1. Casting quality
In order to let users understand the meaning of it more closely, let’s give an example: for example, when we buy a good quality garment, the fabric is a very important point that affects consumers. If the fabric is very rough and uncomfortable to wear, no one will buy the most beautiful clothes. Just like our vacuum pump, the quality of the casting directly affects the performance of our pump. If the customer is pumping corrosive gas, and there are sand holes or air holes on the casting, these corrosive gas will slowly penetrate into all corners of the pump until all corrosion, so the quality of the casting is a very important factor affecting the vacuum pump.

2. Professional level of skilled workers
When the clothing materials meet our needs, the style of the clothes is the most attractive point to consumers. It’s also a depressing thing to meet a tailor who can’t make clothes with superior materials. Take our vacuum pump for example, the professional ethics of technical workers is an important factor affecting the vacuum pump. If an excellent technician will assemble in strict accordance with the national standards, the fit tolerance between the assembly clearance parts is a very important parameter, which directly affects the performance of the vacuum pump. Problems that will occur if the accuracy and fit of parts are not good.
Taking the water ring vacuum pump as an example, the water ring vacuum pump is divided into single-stage water ring pump and double-stage water ring pump. The most important thing to pay attention to when assembling is to control the clearance between impeller and disc, generally between 0.1-0.3mm, and between 0.3-0.5mm for large pump.

3. Customer use
Good clothes should be worn by people who cherish them. After a qualified vacuum pump leaves the factory, the later use of the customer is also crucial to the life of the vacuum pump. If the customer does not follow the specified requirements to use, it will greatly shorten the life of the vacuum pump.
Therefore, each vacuum pump in the use of the process encountered problems do not understand, you can call the purchase company’s service hotline at any time, do not operate without authorization, in order to avoid greater losses!

Basic vacuum pump selection

Basic vacuum pump selection

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