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Liquid ring vacuum pump
Roots and liquid ring vacuum system
Roots vacuum pump
Rotary vane vacuum pump
Roots and rotating blade vacuum system
Real empty system
Vacuum equipment fittings

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The following for you to introduce how to choose the most suitable vacuum pump in the numerous product series.

How to choose a suitable vacuum pump?

To design a convenient and reliable vacuum system, the key problem is to select the vacuum pump. The selection of vacuum pump can not only pursue a certain index, must be based on the use of conditions and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. The main basis for selecting the main pump for the vacuum system is as follows.

The ultimate vacuum degree that the vacuum chamber needs to achieve during no-load determines the main pump type according to the ultimate vacuum that the vacuum chamber needs to establish. The ultimate vacuum of the main pump should be higher than the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum chamber, which usually needs to be higher by half an order of magnitude to an order of magnitude.

It is important to select the main pump for the working pressure during the production (or experiment) in the vacuum chamber, so it is required to master the optimal pumping speed of the main pump and its pressure range. The working pressure of the vacuum chamber must be guaranteed. In the range of optimal pumping speed of the main pump, the required pumping speed of the main pump is determined by the amount of gas released in the process, the amount of air leakage in the system and the required working pressure.

In order to increase the effective pumping speed, the flow conductance must be increased. The pipe diameter shall not be less than the inlet diameter of the main pump. At present, the diameter of the suction pipe of various vacuum systems is usually equal to the inlet diameter of the main pump (in special cases, it may be larger than the diameter of the suction port, for example, due to the installation of a cold trap on the pipe, the pipe is locally thickened to increase the flow conductivity). When calculating the effective pumping speed of the main pump, the effective pumping speed S calculated by formula is usually increased by 20%-30% or more.

The main pump is selected according to the type of gas being pumped, the composition of the gas being pumped and the gas containing dust and impurities.

A. Requirements for the pollution level of the vacuum chamber.

B. Economic indicators for investment, daily maintenance and operation.

Above is the main point that chooses vacuum pump, if still want to understand, can contact our company technical personnel!

China vacuum pump suppliers

China vacuum pump suppliers

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