CNC machine pump

Vacuum System in CNC Machining of Application

Innovative ideas, diversified vacuum systems, professional service level, close to customers make CNC machine tool pump suppliers. Today, I want to introduce the application of vacuum system in CNC processing. Follow EVP technicians, let’s get to know each other. After reading this article, you will understand why CNC machine tool pumps are used in CNC processing, and what are the advantages of CNC machine tool pumps?
Generally CNC processing usually refers to precise machining controlled by computer digitally, CNC processing lathe, CNC processing milling machine, CNC processing boring and milling machine, etc.

CNC machine pump

What is the use of CNC machine tool pumps?

CNC Machine Tool Pump Industry Applications:

Special Vacuum System for Refrigeration Industry
Vacuum System in Plastic Industry
Special Vacuum System for Vacuum Coating
CNC Hardware Processing Vacuum Absorption Vacuum System
Absorption Cutting Vacuum System for Optical Lens
Screw Vacuum System
Oil-free rotary vane vacuum system
Oil Lubricated Rotary Plate Vacuum System
Laboratory vacuum system
Small Vacuum System

In addition to the original CNC machining center, the solution of CNC machine tool pump can be modified to the existing machining center. The vacuum system can be used to fix the workpiece firmly to the machining center. By using the vacuum system, the workpiece can be positioned flexibly on the CNC center without re-adjusting the machining center or clamping the workpiece. Therefore, productivity and efficiency can be significantly optimized. Shortening assembly time has tremendous potential for savings and amortization can be achieved in a very short time.
The use of imported CNC machine tool pumps can easily and quickly realize the modernization of CNC machining centers, and provide independent solutions for individual production and batch production. It is helpful to the efficient production process of CNC machining center and shorten the assembly time of CNC machining center. It can be used in wood, plastics, metal, glass, aviation and/or solar/electronic industries.

CNC Machine Tool Pump of Advantages:

1. When a vacuum source is needed, the desired vacuum can be achieved in a very short time.
2. Vacuum source is more stable and sufficient.
3. A system can be used by multiple workbenches at the same time without affecting the operation of different units.
4. When the vacuum source stored in the pressure vessel is sufficient, the vacuum pump can stop working/stop working in turn, prolong the rest time of the pump, thereby reducing the loss of pumps, parts and oil, reducing the cost of operation and maintenance, and also reducing the noise in the workplace.
5. Easy to operate and master.

The existing CNC machining centers are refitted by means of CNC machine tool pumps, which shows the advantages of the system.

1. The assembly time is reduced by 80%.
2. Economic transformation can replace the large investment of new processing centers.
3. Compared with the traditional clamping system, the clamping force is increased by 50%.
4. Clamping of slender bending workpiece.
5. No need to interfere with machine tools.
6. There is no need to store templates and waste time to produce templates.
7. It can be used for flexible positioning of vacuum suction blocks with various geometric shapes.

CNC machine tool pumps are used for machine tools manufactured by different manufacturers. Various types of systems can be provided for different types of machine tools and applications. Pnock also supplies a variety of spare parts. The use of Punock’s products can improve productivity, while taking into account the realization of high quality products and functions. By introducing the application of vacuum system in CNC processing, I believe that many users can know something about vacuum system. If you are interested in Pnock vacuum system or want to order, please call.

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