Cone vacuum pump

CL cone vacuum pump

The CL cone vacuum pump is a pump based on the old Nash CL liquid ring vacuum pump.It is a single stage vacuum pump with a traditional tapered port design.It is very popular in paper industry and sugar industry.

CL cone vacuum pump can be used as vacuum pump and compressor.When used as a vacuum compressor, the maximum exhaust pressure is 2.5bar A.

All of our cast iron pumps are made of stainless steel SS 420 shafts with one shaft.It is more reliable in performance and avoids damage to any shaft in heavy load operation.

To meet the different on-site installation requirements of our customers, we offer ISO metric and ANSI flange connections.All of our CL cone vacuum pumps have passed 100% performance testing before delivery.

We can provide the same dimensions for bolt fixing and replacement and similar performance to the original Nash CL liquid ring vacuum pump.It is the best choice for replacing a tapered Nash

CL vacuum pump.In addition to the complete pump, we also provide spare parts for repairing the original NASH CL vacuum pump.

CL cone vacuum pump advantages

2SAT(double stage), 2STC(double stage), SKC(single stage) series cone liquid ring vacuum pump are manufactured with international advanced technology, and the distributor is adopted

The tapered structure has large suction and exhaust area, small flow resistance, high pumping speed and obvious energy saving effect.The bottom exhaust structure has the advantages of small bearing capacity, long service life, safety and reliability.

Common conditions of cone vacuum pump series

When too much liquid comes in,

Any vacuum pump is designed to deal with gases, such as air. Many types of vacuum pumps compress gas from low pressure to normal pressure at the outlet, but they rarely handle “wet vacuum“, which can be harmful if large amounts of liquid enter the pump with the gas to compress.However, the introduction of liquid is not harmful to the CL vacuum pump. No matter the mud brought in occasionally or the liquid droplets brought in for a long time, they can be accepted by the pump, and the capacity of the pump is not affected.If necessary, there are many ways to recover the incoming liquid.

When the gas contains solid particles

The CL vacuum pump also allows solid particles to enter, although abrasives and large solid particles are not within this solid range.Because the abrasive will shorten the life of the pump, larger solid particles will cause damage to the pump, so it is necessary to filter out ahead of time.However, the CL vacuum pump allows other solids to enter the vacuum pump, which is an important reason for the choice of such vacuum pump.

For example, paper fiber can be found on the vacuum line of paper mill, and textile fiber must be processed by the coating device of textile factory.In many chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry vacuum systems, paste or soft objects are often controlled.

When the gas is corrosive

There are many factors affecting the corrosion resistance of chloride ion vacuum pump. First of all, there are no lubricating parts in the pump, so there is no need to consider the destruction of chemical agents and the emulsification of lubricant, and there are many ways to protect the pump from chemical erosion by working fluid.One way is to select the working fluid to neutralize it with the gas.Another option is to dilute corrosive gases with neutral liquids associated with corrosive gases to protect the metal parts of the pump.

When the steam needs to be recycled

The gas treated by the vacuum system often needs to be recycled rather than discharged into the atmosphere, mainly because the gas is produced as a product or has recycling value, and sometimes we have to recycle explosive, irritating and toxic gases to avoid air pollution.

In vacuum, CL vacuum pump can be used as condenser when the gas is steam. The condensate cooled in the heat exchanger is the working fluid of the pump, some of which can be sprayed into the pump before the suction port of the pump to condense the saturated steam before the inlet, which not only improves the capacity of the pump but also improves the efficiency of the pump.

When you need stable operation

Because there is no pressure pulse in operation of CL vacuum pump, there is no need for buffer “tank“. On the other hand, its smoothness is due to the mechanical operation of the pump, which has only one rotating part, namely the balanced rotor, which means saving equipment installation and foundation costs.

Cone vacuum pump of main types

CL700 Series Cone Vacuum Pump: CL701, CL702, CL703
CL1000 series tapered vacuum pumps:CL1001, CL1002, CL1003.
CL2000 Series Cone Vacuum Pumps: CL2001, CL2002, CL2003
CL3000 Series Cone Vacuum Pump: CL3001, CL3002, CL3003

Cone vacuum pump material

Cast iron, carbon steel, SS 304, SS316L, cast iron, flow piece is stainless steel, cast iron is stainless steel or ceramic coating.
Flange connection
ISO Measurement Connection and ANSI Connection
Delivery service:
Cast iron pump: 45 days
Stainless steel pump: 60 days
Type of transport available
By sea, by air, by express, by train
Quality certification
Passed ISO9001:2015 certificate, CE and Atex EU certificate,

Whether your factory has an existing original Nash CL vacuum pump to be repaired, repaired, or you need a brand new CL liquid ring vacuum pump to be replaced.We are willing to provide you with reliable performance and service.

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Cone vacuum pump


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