Desulfurization Ejector

Desulfurization ejector product description

Desulfurization ejector is the main equipment of desulfurization reactor. Liquid-powered ejector is widely used in petrochemical industry because of its reliable performance, safe work, low operating cost, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.

Desulfurization ejector product description

Desulfurization ejector of working principle

When the motive liquid is ejected at a high speed through the nozzle, it is decomposed into droplets and is evenly distributed on the cross section of the mixing chamber. After collision and friction, it absorbs the surrounding air, compresses it to a certain pressure, and simultaneously mixes the air and the motive liquid forcefully , And the compressed air is mixed and stirred in the reaction vessel with the liquid in the vessel, and the air reacts with the chemical liquid in the vessel to remove the sulfur in the chemical liquid.

Desulfurization ejectors are widely used in the petrochemical industry and environmental protection projects due to their reliable performance, safe work, low operating costs, and convenient operation and maintenance. Water jets are used to absorb sulfur, nitrogen oxides, nitric acid, and other soluble compounds. Harmful gas in water.

What are the requirements for transportation, installation and use of desulfurization ejector?

1.The following parts of the throat pipe supporting the main body of the desulfurization ejector should be disassembled during placement and transportation. The desulfurization ejector itself should prevent collisions to avoid deformation of the equipment and influence on concentricity.

2.The desulfurization ejector should be installed vertically and concentrically. The tail pipe can be fixed on the channel steel bracket with a clip. The direction of the suction port can be determined according to the actual situation, but it should be ensured that the fresh air is sucked in sufficiently. The main installation of the desulfurization ejector can be carried out according to the plan provided by our company’s engineers and technicians.

3.The working interface of each desulfurization ejector in the tank is about 2m2. The number of desulfurization injectors is determined by combining the circulation volume of the regeneration solution, the desulfurization load, the degree of gas purification, the type of degassed gas and the working conditions. The desulfurization ejector should be reasonably arranged in the tank.

4.The size of the mixing tube, diffusion tube and tail tube of the desulfurization ejector should be determined according to the data of the foam overflow weir height, effective liquid level and perforated plate height of the regeneration tank and the working conditions of each plant. To meet the needs of production.

Desulfurization ejector of precautions for the use

1.When the desulfurization ejector is working, the inlet valve must be fully opened, not half-opened, otherwise it will affect the regeneration efficiency of the rich liquid.

2.When the air intake is reduced or a small amount of liquid is splashed from the suction port, the desulfurization ejector should stop working to clean up the sulfur scale and debris in the nozzle, mixing tube and cone bottom of the negative pressure chamber.

Desulfurization ejectors have been widely used in gas desulfurization production in chemical fertilizer, coking, coal gas, power plants, chemical fiber and other industries. The selection of desulfurization ejector should be determined according to the production conditions of each plant. Generally, Φ30 desulfurization ejector should be used when the total regeneration liquid volume is more than 300m3/h, and Φ24 (or Φ26) desulfurization ejector should be used for the following ones.

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