What should be considered when purchasing vacuum pumps

Vacuum pump is very important in industry and company. In the case of excess gas and air, equipment should be useful. But what makes a good vacuum pump? You may want to know how to identify and obtain the best vacuum pump. The idea of having a good vacuum pump depends on a variety of factors. These factors may guide you in the right direction when you are stranded and want to get a good vacuum pump. Some of the most important things you need to pay attention to are as follows:

Vacuum Pumps of Types

According to the type of vacuum you may need, there are five types of vacuum pumps that can be used for different purposes. Let’s look at the two main vacuum pumps and their differences. Information on various types of vacuum pumps has been written from EVP Sales Company. The technology used to manufacture vacuum cleaners can also be used for various purposes. These types of prices also vary, and you may want to choose products with reasonable prices.

What should be considered when purchasing vacuum pumps

Rotary vane vacuum pumps – These vacuum pumps are very effective and can be used in water samples and high boiling point solvents. They mainly use oil in their operating modes and can easily capture gas and air. Oil change is the main maintenance service required.

Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps – These vacuum pumps are effective for acidic, corrosive and viscous samples. When used in volatile chemicals, they can be very good. They are not used with oil, most of them are called dry pumps. The vacuum level is lower than that of rotary vane vacuum pump. N/B: Other types include: liquid ring, scroll and turbomolecular vacuum pumps.


Most machines are locomotives. Most parts of these machines require a lot of lubrication to improve efficiency. Vacuum pumps are no exception in this regard, some types require a lot of lubrication, especially oil-based lubrication. Lubrication reduces resistance in operation. Lubrication requires certain types of vacuum pumps, which require oil in operation, such as rotary vacuum pumps. These types of pumps are very effective and have a longer service life. They are also cheaper than dry vacuum pumps. The only drawback is that they require a high level of maintenance, especially oil replacement.

Sample compatibility

Another factor to consider when choosing a vacuum pump is the chemicals used. What is the suitability of your vacuum pump for the chemicals used? The rotary vane vacuum pump is compatible with water sample and high boiling point solution. The diaphragm vacuum pump is compatible with corrosive, acidic and malignant samples. The liquid ring vacuum pump is compatible with liquid, solid particles, high explosive samples and steam. The scroll vacuum pump is only compatible with liquid or gas samples. Turbomolecular vacuum pumps are compatible with liquid and gas samples used only in laboratories. It is very important to determine the right pump for the right sample.


The time required for the pump to discharge gas and air is also a very important consideration. Depending on the type of vacuum pump you choose to use, the speed may be fast or slow. The pumping speed height determines the flow rate of any vacuum pump you choose. The flow rate and performance of various pumps vary, although you should consult and purchase according to the flow level of the pump. If your pump has a high-speed discharge of these gases, air and steam, the time required to automatically discharge these products will be reduced. You can choose the above types and determine which pumps meet your requirements before finally selecting the speed and flow rate.

Price and maintenance costs

The cost of purchasing these vacuum pumps varies from type to type. The oil-based vacuum pump may be cheaper than the dry pump. You need to check your budget and buy economical pumps. The cost of maintaining these pumps is important. Compared with dry pumps, oil-based pumps require additional maintenance and maintenance. The cost of purchasing rotary vane vacuum pumps is cheaper than that of purchasing turbomolecular vacuum pumps, which are expensive and exquisite to use.

Final ruling

Vacuum pumps are sensitive equipment and need to be carefully purchased. It is recommended that you consider these points at any time. The services you get from these machines depend on your choice. A good choice will provide you with a durable pump, will provide you with long-term service, and fully meet your needs. It’s almost certain that if you consider the above factors, you can make the right choice.

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