Dry screw vacuum pump application industry

Dry screw vacuum pump in solvent recovery of pharmaceutical industry

The API with solvent crystallization process is usually filtered, washed and vacuum monotonous after crystallization. The moisture content of the material is generally 20% – 200%. The solvent contained in the wet material is generally flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful media, which are extracted by the vacuum unit in the monotonous process.

The traditional wet vacuum system selects roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit. The sealing liquid of liquid ring vacuum pump will dissolve or absorb part of organic solvent in the work, and separate waste gas and high concentration organic waste liquid in the vapor-liquid separator. Both parts need to be treated, which not only can’t fully recover this part of solvent, but also can increase the working cost of the enterprise, and is more beneficial to health, safety and environmental protection The dry vacuum condensing system can condense the organic solvent in the exhaust side of the monotonous process, recover the solvent, and discharge the waste water and waste water zero. Because there is no other process medium in the cavity of the screw vacuum pump, the coating anticorrosion method is adopted on the internal and external surfaces, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly, and there is no waste water treatment problem. The solvent can also be fully recovered. Therefore, screw vacuum pump has become the selection of this application.


Dry screw vacuum pump in steam recovery of petrochemical professional gasoline

The dry screw vacuum pump is a key equipment in the gasoline vapor recovery equipment. The extracted gas is gasoline vapor which evaporates slightly, and the main components are C4, C5, C6 and other gasoline vapor.

Generally, it is required that the working temperature of the vacuum pump be controlled below 80 ℃, but the working temperature of the vacuum pump can not be reduced to such a low temperature only by relying on the cooling of the pump body jacket. In most sites, cooling water cannot be supplied, and the available coolant is gasoline; In order to reduce the working temperature of the pump, in addition to introducing gasoline into the pump jacket, the most useful method is to inject appropriate amount of gasoline into the pump cavity (at the highest temperature point), so as to reduce the temperature of the pump cavity by evaporation and heat absorption.

Dry screw vacuum pump in space imitation

Because the volume of the space imitated equipment’s pumped container is from thousands of cubic meters to tens of thousands of cubic meters, the vacuum degree is changed from tens of thousands of PA to several PA, and the pumped gas contains a lot of water vapor or part of nitrogen oxides, so the first problem encountered in this vacuum system is the problem of pre pumping true air. Assuming that the traditional slide pump is used as the front pump, there are the following problems:

First, the slide valve pump works under high inlet pressure for a long time. Due to the role of air flow, its fuel injection phenomenon is very serious. First, it wastes a lot of valuable oil; second, it pollutes the environment;

As the pumped gas contains a lot of water vapor or nitrogen oxides, once these gases enter the pump, the vacuum pump oil will be quickly emulsified and deteriorated, the sealing property of the oil will be damaged, resulting in the decline of vacuum function, and even the damage of the pump;

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