Dry Screw vacuum pump for PE perforated film production

PE perforated film is widely used in the sanitary products industry, and the current demand for disposable sanitary products is increasing. But it also faces the same problem. It is easy to cause pollution during production promotion. How to solve the pollution problem? Today, we recommend the application of dry screw vacuum pump in the production of PE perforated film to solve the problems in production.

Dry Screw vacuum pump for PE perforated film production

What is PE perforated film

A plastic film (also known as “sanitary fabric”) used in sanitary products such as women’s sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, adult trousers, and baby diapers.

Punch holes in the plastic film. This type of hole has a topological structure, that is, the outer layer has a large pore size and the inner layer has a small pore size. Therefore, the perforated film is used as the surface layer of sanitary products. After the liquid penetrates into the inner layer, it is not easy to reverse osmosis out.

Improve the product’s good softness and rapid penetration, good dryness, strong air permeability and good quality of skin-friendly.

PE perforated film production process

PE raw material, color masterbatch and hydrophilic agent are mixed and stirred → Extruder is heated and cast → Perforated on the net cage → Cooled, reeled, and unloaded finished product

Vacuum degree: according to the size of the hole and the production speed (-40kpa→-80kpa), the smaller the hole, the faster the speed, the higher the vacuum degree requirement

Net cage structure

The outer layer is a mesh cylinder, which is always rotating when working, and the inner layer is a hollow cylinder with an opening, and has been fixed. The inside is evacuated, and the PE film is sucked through the opening under the drive of the roller.

According to the vacuum breaking process in the production of PE perforated film, we propose to replace the water ring vacuum pump with a screw vacuum pump.

Advantages of dry screw vacuum pump in the production of PE perforated film

1. Better performance compared with traditional dry-sheet vacuum technology.
2. Higher efficiency, screw technology, variable frequency drive and innovative motor design to achieve a leap in energy efficiency.
3. Quiet, the noise level is much lower than other technologies
4. More efficient continuous production capacity
5. It can maintain super high oil mist control ability under all operating pressures, reducing the impact on the environment.

Dry screw vacuum pumps of advantages

Compared with other technologies, these vacuum pumps can save about 50% in energy consumption. The dry screw vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that can effectively perform outstandingly on the market. Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps and other equipment have relatively low mechanical efficiency and high investment costs.

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