Dry screw vacuum pumps are used in the battery industry

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Dry screw vacuum pumps are used in the battery industry

Can dry screw vacuum pump be used in the battery industry “injection process”?

Battery industry liquid injection process is mainly pumping corrosive gas (hydrogen fluoride gas), after the condensation has very strong corrosive to metal material, now some manufacturers in the process is recommended to use dry screw vacuum pump, internal dry screw vacuum pump has no oil or water, there is no contact and friction, screw pump manufacturers will install separation filter in the inlet of the pump, the system takes over the filtered water and impurities, the publicity about the gas from the vacuum pump suction mouth after inhaling out directly from the vent, the vacuum pump inside without any damage, but they ignore the problem, The suction of a vacuum pump must be compressed during transmission from the suction end to the exhaust end (e.g. Air compressor in the suction gas is compressed from the outside world, the drainage of the gasholder is regularly, the water is condensed in the compressed gas water), due to the outside world is an atmospheric pressure, so from the system from the suction vacuum gas must be inside the vacuum pump is compressed, the pressure of the compressed into greater than or equal to the outside world to get out of the gas in the compressed to come over, in the gas water vapor condenses under certain pressure, condense water contains hydrogen fluoride, the water will stay in the exhaust end of screw pump, there is no way out, only after the screw pump stop use external purging of the compressed air which can discharge, But at this time, hydrogen fluoride has corroded the screw of the screw vacuum pump, such as the coating treatment of the screw can only extend the life of some screw, can not fundamentally solve the problem, screw vacuum pump damage is no way to repair, must be replaced, the cost is very high.

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