dry scroll pump

Structural characteristics and many advantages of dry scroll pump have been widely known to us, so it has been applied in many industries, and has been widely praised. The application scope of dry scroll pump is very wide.

Dry scroll pump application:

1. Scientific Instrument Industry: Synchrotron Radiation Beam Line Machine, Electron Microscope, Aurora Test Equipment, Analytical Testing Instrument;

2. Various equipment industries: film manufacturing equipment, semiconductor device packaging equipment, material preparation equipment, vacuum detection equipment, vacuum filter equipment, material purification equipment, ultra-high vacuum exhaust equipment, dental equipment, dialysis machine, etc.

3. Biological products industry: material purification and drug preparation;

4. Packaging industry: food, medicine, biological products and other packaging equipment;

5. Vacuum metallurgy industry: vacuum furnace, nanomaterials preparation equipment, vacuum detection equipment and other fields.

The function of mechanical equipment is there, but different people may find different uses. The same is true for the scroll vacuum pump. You can use it as the front pump to create a better vacuum environment by cooperating with the main pump, so that you can get a good oil-free vacuum system. It can also be used separately according to its characteristics and practical application.


A good environment is conducive to various experiments and production, especially for vacuum pumps. It is designed to create a vacuum environment, so the use of oil-free vacuum pumps will be better. But now there are many types of clean pumps, such as condensation pump, race pump, claw pump, scroll pump and diaphragm pump. What is the position of dry scroll pump?

Clean vacuum environment has always been the ideal vacuum environment pursued by scientists and enterprises. Since the creation of vacuum environment, people have tried to use different means to achieve the effect of clean vacuum. Among the existing oil-free vacuum pumps, the dry scroll pump has incomparable advantages compared with other types.

The basic functions of the dry scroll pump must be good, no oil, no friction, no oil in the vacuum chamber, no contact, no wear, no particulate dust pollution, clean vacuum can be obtained and favorable environment can be provided. Advanced characteristics are the reason for this:

1. The structure is simple and compact, and the balance is good. Under the same size, the motion radius is small, the operation is smooth, and the influence of the moment is small, the noise is low and the vibration is small.

2. Dry scroll pump has a large pumping capacity. Compared with single stage, the structure of double scroll disc has two times the pumping volume of the same diameter pump, which saves more energy. The scroll vacuum pump has 3-4 pumping units with low pressure difference, and the air and vacuum are sealed by O-ring with low leakage.

3. Air cooling without water cooling, small size, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.

These advantages make the dry scroll pump an unrivalled position in the oil-free pump, which is widely used in all walks of life and creates infinite value. Do you also want to use such equipment to create a favorable working environment, then consult the manufacturer of EVP vacuum pump!contact@evpvacuum.com

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