Vacuum pump for industrial clamping

Production of custom vacuum clamping/conveying process in the vacuum adsorption system adsorption vacuum pump

1. Examples of practical application in the process of goods holding and conveying:

Automatic material transfer — in the production process
Stacking – stacking of pallets of packaged products
Loading and unloading – ships, vehicles and other means of transport
Clamping – woodworking machine
Packing – all kinds of products are packed in cartons or other ways
Paper feed – printing and processing machines of the printing industry
Extraction and placement – electronics, food, component packaging and other industries.

2.What are the applications of vacuum technology in terms of clamping and conveying technology?

Modern production without vacuum clamping, transportation or conveying technology is an incredible thing. Without this technology, how can you quickly and reliably stack cardboard, move glass panels, clamp wood pieces to be milling, or load heavy items like paper rollers, sacks or even bricks?

The principle of the vacuum conveying and clamping process is simple and unique: with the help of a sucker, a vacuum adsorption board or a vacuum adsorption table, the object can be firmly clamped by applying negative pressure. This is a more efficient way of moving, transporting or holding objects.

In the automatic production process, for example in furniture manufacturing, parts move along the entire production line under the action of vacuum. First, the board is fed into the primary machine by an automatic controller with a vacuum adsorption device. The vacuum clamps the board again, and the machine begins to process. After processing, another vacuum pliers will transport the product to the next process. At the end of the line, an automatic control automatically stows crated furniture products on pallets.

In the printing shop, vacuum is often used to convey paper. The paper is sucked into the press under vacuum, and also under vacuum, the paper passes through the printing stations one by one along the rollers and is stacked up after printing. Then, also under vacuum, the paper is fed into all subsequent processing machines.

3. Which series of products are especially suitable for the holding and conveying process of articles?

Due to the wide range of application of the material holding and conveying technology, the requirements for vacuum equipment also vary. For example, rotary vane vacuum pumps and oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, side-flow fans, claw vacuum pumps or roots fans may be suitable. Independent vacuum systems may be more appropriate if a centralized vacuum supply is required.
We provide suitable vacuum technology for all conveyors. For example, the claw vacuum pump is energy efficient and less maintenance and can be used for clamping components in the center of woodworking CNC machine tools. They hold the woodwork firmly in place for the machine to process.

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Vacuum pump for industrial clamping

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