Dry scroll pump of manufacturer

Dry scroll pump:

Manufacturer of dry scroll pump. At present, with the rapid development of semiconductor, flat panel display, solar photovoltaic cells and chemical industry, the requirement of clean vacuum is getting higher and higher. In order to meet customers’demand for oil-free clean vacuum, EVP has introduced a scroll vacuum pump.

EVP has a patented scroll pump technology product line, which can provide an economical oil-free vacuum, and can be easily integrated into existing systems, so it is suitable for a variety of R&D and industrial applications. The pump uses a simple double-scroll structure to generate vacuum, i.e. a nested volute shell rotates around another to generate space for trapping gas. Gas enters the scroll pump from the periphery, is transferred and compressed to the center, and then discharged in the center, resulting in low limit pressure and high pumping speed. Our dry scroll pump is durable, reliable and easy to maintain. It is an ideal primary pump with many high standards.

Dry scroll pump of manufacturer

Dry scroll pump of use:

Analytical Instrument; CVD; Defoaming; Vacuum Drying; Gas Leak Detection; Liquid Crystal Injection;
Gas recovery system; Coating equipment; TMP front pump; Helium leak detector; Semiconductor manufacturing process, etc.

Dry scroll pump of characteristics and advantages

There is no need to use lubricant in the vacuum case. Complete sealing ensures a thorough clean and dry vacuum and prevents cross-contamination.
Axle seals without atmospheric pressure to vacuum can completely isolate bearings, thus preventing process attacks. Bearings can also operate at lower temperatures and last longer.
The cost of disposing of contaminated lubricants is eliminated without replacing the lubricants.
Simple unilateral roller design means that maintenance can be completed in a few minutes, reducing operating costs and prolonging normal running time as much as possible.
Converter drive can stabilize pumping speed at 50/60 Hz


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