vacuum system is used in mask vacuum packaging

It is well known that in the field of care products, facial mask products are one of the commonly used beauty products. In the production of masks, masks must usually be packaged. In the existing technology, the mask packaging usually USES the conveyor belt in each process to complete the transfer process of packaging, resulting in the high cost of the mask packaging machine. This makes mask packaging more expensive to produce. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for facial masks increases year by year. In order to improve work efficiency, more and more automatic equipment appears in our life and work. Mask packaging machine USES vacuum pump system to generate negative pressure (suction) and robot clever cooperation, greatly improve the packaging efficiency, has been widely popular, for this reason, the general choice of mask packaging machine vacuum system.

vacuum system is used in mask vacuum packaging

The main purpose of the utility model is to provide a vacuum system for a mask packaging machine, and the purpose is to reduce the production cost of the mask packaging.

Mask packaging machine is a kind of machine that USES vacuum system to package products to protect the beauty of products. Packaging machine is mainly divided into two aspects: 1. 2. Product peripheral packaging equipment.

The assembly line has been integrated and applied to the coding of filling (filling), sealing machine and (bag, bottle) products in food, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, lighting, furniture and other industries.

A vacuum system is a vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, vacuum tank, control integration box, and other components, such as vacuum valves, cold traps, etc., which are assembled by vacuum tubes according to certain requirements and have suction devices with suction functions that require suction. Its function is to obtain a vacuum in a specified time and space, to maintain the vacuum, and to ensure that processes or physical processes are implemented in the system.

Although the application of vacuum system in the mask packaging machine has achieved good results, the mask packaging machine still needs maintenance. The following 12 points have been summarized by the vacuum system technicians:

1. Vacuum packaging machine should be used in an environment where the temperature is -10°C-50°C, relative humidity does not exceed 85%, and there is no corrosive gas, dust or explosion in the surrounding air.

2. Ensure that the vacuum pump works normally on the vacuum packaging machine, and the vacuum pump motor is not allowed to reverse. Oil levels should be checked frequently. The normal oil level is 1/2-3/4 of the oil window (not exceeding). When there is water in the vacuum pump or the oil color turns black, the oil should be replaced at this time (usually once or twice in a row), once a month, using 1# vacuum gasoline or 30# gasoline, the oil can also be).

3. The impurity filter should be disassembled and cleaned frequently (usually once every 1-2 months, such as packing sundries will shorten the cleaning time).

4. In order to run continuously for 2-3 months, open the rear cover 30 for lubrication of sliding parts and switch lugs. The connection on the heating rod should be lubricated according to the purpose.

5. Always check the reduced pressure, filtration and oil mist triplet 24 to make sure the oil mist and oil (sewing machine oil) are in the oil cup and there is no water in the filter cup.

6. The heating strip and the silica gel strip should be kept clean and free of foreign matter, so as not to affect the sealing quality.

7. On the heating rod, two layers of adhesive under the heating sheet will be insulated. In case of damage, it should be replaced in time to avoid short circuit.

8, the working gas source and users with inflatable air source, the vacuum packaging machine working pressure of 0.3 MPa, more appropriate. No special circumstances, please do not adjust too much.

9. The vacuum packing machine is not allowed to be placed, bumped or transported in the process of handling.

10. Vacuum packing machine must be installed with a reliable grounding device.

11. Do not put your hands under the heating rod to prevent injury, and immediately cut off the power in case of emergency.

12. First, turn on the power after ventilation. When the machine stops, the gas will be cut off after the power is turned off.

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