dry vacuum pump for removing air

Many customers want to buy a vacuum pump to removing air. Dry vacuum pumps produced by EVP vacuum pump manufacturers can be used to removing air.

Water vapor, short for water vapor, is the gas form of water (hydrogen peroxide). When water reaches its boiling point, it becomes vapor. At a standard atmospheric pressure at sea level, the boiling point of water is 99.974 C or 212 F or 373.15 K. When the water is below the boiling point, it can also slowly evaporate into water vapor. Under extreme low pressure (less than 0.006 atmospheric pressure), ice sublimates directly to water vapor. Water vapor, a greenhouse gas, may cause a greenhouse effect.

There are many kinds of existing vacuum pumps. In the acquisition of rough vacuum, liquid ring (water ring), reciprocating, rotary vane, slide valve, Roots vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump, water jet, steam jet, screw vacuum pump are commonly used. Vacuum pumps suitable for pumping steam are only water-ring, water-jet and steam-jet pumps, among which water-ring vacuum pumps are widely used because of their high mechanical efficiency and simple structure; other vacuum pumps are liable to damage by compressing condensed water and can not work normally for a long time.

However, the water ring vacuum pump is not perfect when it is used to pump water vapor. Because the working performance of water-ring vacuum pump is greatly affected by the working water temperature, and the steam compressed by water-ring vacuum pump will release a large amount of heat energy, so that the working fluid temperature of water-ring vacuum pump will rise significantly, resulting in cavitation problems and dramatically reduced suction capacity of water-ring vacuum pump (a large number of water-ring vacuum pumps). The actual pumping capacity decreases to less than 30% of the nameplate output, which affects the recycling of the working water of the water ring vacuum pump.


Dry vacuum pump is used to removing air, and then discharged to the surrounding atmosphere to form a vacuum, dry vacuum pump or suction of the surrounding atmosphere discharged into the system to form pressure machinery. Obviously, the ambient atmospheric pressure has an important influence on the performance of dry vacuum pump. The design of a dry vacuum pump is based on the assumption that the ambient air pressure is a standard one. All its performances refer to the performances possessed under such conditions.

Dry vacuum pump is used to removing air, which has achieved a good effect. At the same time, it also reflects the gradual development of vacuum equipment in China. EVP vacuum pump equipment will be more and more widely used in the future development.

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