Dry vacuum pumps need to select the applicable specifications and models

The dry vacuum pumps produced by EVP Vacuum Company have various forms. The specifications and models are complete, customers have a variety of choices, and it is more convenient to use, and has been widely praised by customers. In order to help you understand our company’s dry vacuum pumps, let’s let the editor of our company introduce relevant information to you.

Dry vacuum pumps need to select the applicable specifications and models

The dry vacuum pump has complete specifications and models, which is convenient for customers to choose suitable types. There are several types such as double- lobed round lobed type, three-lobed round lobed type, combined type (Roots + claw), external compression type screw type, internal compression type screw type and so on. Dry vacuum pumps with appropriate specifications and models are more suitable for engineering construction. We also recommend our customers consider the actual situation and choose the applicable ones when purchasing.

In the process of using dry vacuum pumps, choosing the right type of equipment can effectively solve the two major problems of vacuum pump equipment. One is that the working medium of the dry vacuum pump contaminates the pumped container by backflow, which affects product quality, quantity, and maintenance costs. Therefore, choosing the correct model is a critical step. Another problem is that the medium in the vacuum pump is severely deteriorated due to the reactive substances in certain processes, which makes the dry vacuum pump unable to work normally.

Solving these two problems makes the use of dry vacuum pumps more convenient.

Dry vacuum pump of importance of suction valve and exhaust valve

Dry vacuum pump of importance of suction valve and exhaust valve

When the dry vacuum pump is used, it is driven by the electric motor to make the piston in the cylinder reciprocate through the action of the crank connecting rod mechanism. In dry vacuum pumps, in addition to operating accidents in accordance with the prescribed working principle, maintenance and inspection work must be done for very important parts such as suction valves and exhaust valves, which are vulnerable parts. Because the suction valve and exhaust valve of the dry vacuum pump directly affect the pressure, pumping rate, power consumption and operation reliability of the reciprocating pump.

Only by correctly understanding the working principle of the dry vacuum pump, equipment accessories, and maintenance of the dry vacuum pump, only by understanding these can the equipment performance be fully utilized during use, so as to ensure the normal use of performance.

Welcome to EVP company to purchase dry vacuum pumps. We will serve our customers wholeheartedly and help everyone learn more about the use and maintenance of dry vacuum pumps in order to better use the equipment. Let customers achieve the purpose of use through our products is our original intention.

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