Dry Varying Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump

Dry varying pitch screw vacuum pump structure and performance

varying pitch screw vacuum pump, is the use of a pair of varying pitch screw, in the pump shell for synchronous high-speed reverse rotation and the suction and exhaust effect of the pumping equipment, the two screw by fine dynamic balance correction, supported by the bearing, installed in the pump shell, screw and screw have a certain gap, so the pump work, no friction between each other, smooth operation, low noise, working cavity without lubricating oil, therefore, dry type screw pump can remove a lot of water vapor and a small amount of dust.

Due to the screw made of varying pitch structure, compared with the same pitch structure, the limit of vacuum is higher, and the consumption of power is lower, has the advantages of energy saving, maintenance free. It is the oil seal vacuum pump replacement products.

Dry varying pitch screw vacuum pump composition:

Screw vacuum pump, which is mainly composed of screw rotor, shell, gear, cooling cycle and seal. Active rotor, shaft connection by high precision synchronous gear drives the rotor rotate to the opposite rotation, through the process of gas suction, compression and exhaust three, achieve the goal of extraction.

Its unique line design directly determines the ultimate vacuum, pumping rate, volume efficiency, vibration and noise of the pump and other excellent technical performance indicators, because of this, it shows high stability in a variety of environmental processes.

Dry varying pitch screw vacuum pump performance characteristics:

1. Simple and compact structure: screw, pump body, end cover, seal and other parts with opposite rotation direction are composed of, the structure is very simple, very reliable, almost no maintenance is needed.
2. Dry operation, no working medium is needed, so there is no oil pollution, no sewage discharge, significant energy conservation and emission reduction effect.
3. No friction in the pump chamber: there is a certain gap between the screw and the pump body.
4. High vacuum: a single screw dry vacuum pump can replace a three-stage roots pump water ring vacuum unit.
5. Low noise: generally, it is about 80 decibels.
6. Suitable for the extraction of condensable gas (such as water vapor, etc.), dust containing gas.
7. From the atmosphere to the ultimate pressure of 5Pa, only one pump can solve the problem.
8. In dry operation, lysase recovery is easier.
9. It can be combined with roots pump to form a vacuum system to obtain higher ultimate vacuum degree and increase pumping speed.
10. Air inlet is equipped with one-way globe valve to prevent gas backflow.
11. Air outlet standard with muffler, no need for customers to buy additional.
12. Two anti-corrosion materials are provided: nickel phosphorus alloy and teflon.

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Dry Varying Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump

Dry Varying Pitch Screw Vacuum Pump

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