EVP CL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Feature

EVP CL Vacuum Pumps & Compressors iff air carries solid contaminants , vapor is to be reclaimed , and you want smooth operation . CL Pumps are single stage vacuum pumps ideal for demanding applications in extremely tough conditions. Heavy duty pumps, they are able to service a wide range of applications, which can include dewatering in the paper industry and vacuum filtering in mineral on processing.

CL liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series delivers classic EVP performance with a broad range of suction volume, vacuum, and pressure. with capacity ranging from 140 to 9,700 ACFM (240 to 16,500 m³/hr). They can be found in many applications including electric power generation, mining and textiles, chemical processes, and general industrial applications.

EVP CL Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Feature

CL liquid ring vacuum pump is more economical over its life cycle , it will last longer, requires significantly less maintenance , provides more uptime for your plant , is safer. The isothermal compression allows it to: condense hydrocarbons for sale or reuse eliminate auto-ignition concerns , keep the discharge gas cool , increase bearing life reduce mechanical wear , does not require many of the complicated instrumentation safeties and ancillary accessories that add complexity to hot-running compressors rotor impellers cone inlet port pump body cone discharge.

When to select a CL liquid ring vacuum Pump:

1.When liquid may carry over.
2.When air carries solid contaminants.
3.When gas is corrosive.
4.When vapour is to be reclaimed.
5.When you want smooth operation.
6.When you need reliability.

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