EVP piston pump advantage

EVP piston vacuum pump have the single stage piston and dual stage piston pump, it’s namely H series and 2H series.

piston pump
H series and 2H series piston pump advantage as follow:

1, EVP piston pump almost have no any shakes because the low gravity center .

2, EVP H series ultimate pressure is more higher than other company dual stage piston pump.

3, EVP piston pump have the compact structure and light weight.

4, EVP piston pump have thin upper oil layer of exhaust valve,so its fuel injection is very less.

5, The “o” ring seal is adopted between the pump body and the pump cover, which is easy to install and disassemble, and has strong sealing ability.

6, Universal pump cover exchange, easy maintenance.

7, Greatly reduced fuel consumption


EVP piston pump can replace stokes piston model:

EVP piston pump

Replace Kinney piston pump list:

piston pump list

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