How to determine type vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a device to improve, produce and maintain vacuum in a closed space by various methods. How to determine the type of vacuum pump?

1. The type of vacuum pump is mainly determined by the air volume, vacuum degree or exhaust pressure required for operation. When the vacuum pump works, the following two aspects should be paid attention to: it is required to operate in the high efficiency area as far as possible, that is, in the area of critical vacuum degree or critical exhaust pressure. Operation near the maximum vacuum or exhaust pressure shall be avoided.

2. For vacuum pumps with high vacuum, cavitation often occurs when they operate in this area. The obvious sign of this phenomenon is that there is noise and vibration in the pump.

3. The operation in this area is not only very inefficient, but also very unstable, which is easy to produce vibration and noise.

The above is about the introduction of vacuum pump, which is the main product of our factory and provides complete guarantee for vacuum pump.

Water supply of vacuum pump

The water supply of vacuum pump determines whether the pump can operate normally, so it is very important to take a look at the introduction.

1. When the vacuum pump operates normally, properly open the water supply valve, and then observe the pressure of the inlet vacuum gauge.

2. Because the water supply of vacuum pump has a certain range, in order to obtain the best water supply, water saving can be regulated by the following procedures.

3. Slowly close the opening of the water supply valve. When the pointer of the vacuum gauge starts to fluctuate or drop, the water supply of the vacuum pump is insufficient. Slowly open the water supply valve again. When the pointer of the vacuum gauge is stable again, the water supply is the best.

Master the knowledge of water supply of vacuum pump, which is good for the use of products in the future. If you don’t understand anything, please contact us.

Can vacuum pump pump water

Vacuum pump is no stranger to us. Some people may ask, can it pump water? The answer is no, let’s get to know!

In principle, the vacuum pump is not allowed to pump water, and the motor will burn when pumping water. Because the water in the vacuum pump is circulating water. It is reasonable to say that in actual production, after the pump head is reformed, water can be pumped.

If you have to use a vacuum pump to pump water, you must stop the water supply, otherwise the load of the vacuum pump will be very high, causing the motor to burn, and if you use a vacuum pump to pump water, you should not take this risk under appropriate circumstances. If you have a negative pressure in your tank, you can add a filtrate pump (gram negative pump) to your tank, or use a vacuum automatic drain tank.

And vacuum pump is used to pump gas, does not have the function of pumping.

Therefore, the vacuum pump can’t pump water. When using it, you should pay attention to the above. If you have any questions, please contact us.


How to determine type vacuum pump

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