How to reduce energy consumption vacuum pump

When we choose a vacuum pump, we should not only consider its quality and efficiency, but also consider whether the energy consumption is high or not. Generally, we will choose a more energy-saving one. How to reduce the energy consumption? I will teach you some simple and feasible methods.

1. Reasonable selection of vacuum pump materials

Considering that the operation life of the vacuum unit can be maintained for more than 4 years, try to choose low-cost and easy to cast ones. For corrosive liquid and other media, choose anti-corrosion flow parts and stainless steel materials. Of course, the specific selection needs to be combined with the actual needs of the industry.

2. Reasonably determine the output of vacuum pump

First of all, we should find out the resistance of all levels of vacuum pump system and eliminate the abnormal phenomenon of excessive resistance. Secondly, considering the maximum air supply and extraction under the influence of all kinds of adverse factors, combined with the operation requirements, the safe and economic system pressure is determined. Finally, according to the total air extraction, the output configuration of the vacuum unit is modified to ensure the safety of the system, so that the system can operate at a medium speed, so that the vacuum degree and air extraction required for the operation conditions match the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

3. Reasonably use the pipeline

With the close cooperation of theoretical calculation and model experiment, reliable and efficient pipelines are selected to ensure that the vacuum degree under the working condition is reached under the possible low air extraction.

4. Give full play to the potential of motor

Energy saving is what we all want. After learning how to reduce energy consumption of vacuum pump, we will be more satisfied with its use in the future.


How to reduce energy consumption vacuum pump?



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