Vacuum pump for healthcare

Preventive Maintenance of Medical Air Compressor

Medical air compressors require frequent maintenance operations to ensure high performance. This paper introduces various medical air compressors and preventive maintenance practices for them.
Types of Medical Air Compressors
Next we discuss three different types of medical air compressors used in medical facilities, their uses and some necessary maintenance measures.
Rolling compressor
Scroll compressor (also known as screw compressor, scroll vacuum pump or scroll pump) is a medical air compressor used for compressed air or refrigeration.
The scroll compressor needs to be maintained every year. During the inspection, the following operations are completed:
Belt Replacement – Tension belts in scroll compressors should be replaced to prevent wear and tear. This ensures high performance during routine use.
Belt tension check – Belt should be tightened regularly. This ensures that components are in place, thereby enhancing general output.
Seals should be replaced every 10,000 hours – you should ensure that the seals are regularly and properly flowed through the internal pump passage for lubrication.
Bearings should be greased – in the assembly process, bearings should be lubricated with high quality grease “EP 3”. In order to keep the pump in good working condition, bearings should be lubricated regularly to avoid overheating.
Replacement of Tip Seals – Tip seals should be replaced regularly, as damage to their surfaces and elastic components may exceed the scope of maintenance.
Replace O-rings, seals and exhaust values.
Regular pump monitoring and maintenance is essential because it can prevent pump failure and accidental tool shutdown.
Reciprocating compressor
Reciprocating compressor, also known as piston compressor, is a kind of volumetric compressor, which has a piston driven by crankshaft to produce high-pressure gas.
Intake air enters the intake manifold, which enters the compression cylinder, where it is compressed by the piston, which is driven through the crankshaft in the past and then discharged. (Source: Wikipedia)
The medical air compressor needs the following maintenance practices:
Belts have changed – you should replace them regularly to prevent them from becoming too loose. Loose belts slide easily and cause excessive wear and vibration.
Checking belt tension – Checking belt tension is very important because they control many operations.
No change of tip seal.
No oil can change.
Piston Ring Replacement – The piston ring is worn out by opening and closing. Usually, the lip of the cylinder should be scraped to allow the piston assembly to slide out of the bushing.

Vacuum pump for healthcare

Liquid ring pump

The liquid ring pump is a rotating positive displacement pump. These pumps are mainly used as vacuum pumps, but also as gas compressors. The work of the liquid pump is almost similar to that of the rotary vane pump. The only difference is that the blade is the only part of the rotor and it is the only moving part. Axle seal is the only part with sliding friction. The induction motor provides power for the liquid ring pump. (Source: Wikipedia)
Maintenance practices in liquid ring pumps include:
No oil can change.
Check Water Separator – It’s important to check water separator regularly because it lets you know its filling speed under normal conditions.
No belt or tip seals can be changed.
No piston ring wear.
Bearing Inspection – Bearings shall be lubricated after 2,000/2,500 hours of operation. High quality grease should be used. Bearing temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius.
Mechanical Seal Lubrication – Mechanical seals must not be dry. When the seal is running without lubricant, its surface and elastomer may have irreparable damage. Sealing conditions should be checked every 4000 working hours.
Maintenance to ensure high performance
A well-maintained medical air compressor is essential for the smooth operation of all types of medical functions and facilities. Understanding the differences between different types of compressors and their maintenance requirements is critical for facility managers and other employees.
Adherence to appropriate maintenance standards will prevent unnecessary risks and delays due to poor compressor performance.


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