Vacuum pump for oxidation of activated sludge tank

Wastewater purification – Oxidation of activated sludge tank

More and more activated sludge tanks are being built to reduce the space requirements and cost of wastewater treatment plants. The introduction of oxygen is essential for wastewater purification. The compressor provides the compression pressure needed to maximize the amount of oxygen.More applications for compressors.

The following is a brief introduction of the compressor for waste water purification – activated sludge tank oxidation, for more information about the shutdown liquid ring compressor, please contact us.

Vacuum pump for oxidation of activated sludge tank

What is the correct method and procedure for starting and stopping a liquid ring compressor?

What are the requirements for the compressor to operate under load?

The first load operation of the compressor is carried out after empty operation and purge. The compressor shall operate under load according to the following requirements:

1. Gradually turn off caving or oil-water blowing-off after starting, and operate for 1 hour at 1/4 rated pressure of the compressor; Operate for 4-8 hours at 1/2 rated pressure.

2. the compressor under the minimum pressure operation, no abnormal phenomenon, the pressure can be gradually increased;

3. For large high-pressure compressors, the operation time under nominal pressure shall not be less than 24 hours;

4. During operation, check the following items:

(1) Pressure, temperature and oil supply of lubricating oil. The oil pressure shall not be less than 1 kg/cm 2 before feeding into the distribution piping. Lubricating oil in crankcase or fuselage shall be wet: compressor with crosshead shall not exceed 60℃. Non-crosshead shall not exceed 70℃.

(2) The compressor runs smoothly, and the sound of each moving part should be normal.

(3) Measure the inlet and outlet water temperatures and check the supply of cooling water. The cooling water is not allowed to flow intermittently and there are bubbles and blockages. The cooling water drainage temperature shall not exceed 40℃.

(4) The flange connecting part of each State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, shaft seal, inlet and outlet cutting, cylinder head and water jacket shall not leak air, oil or water.

(5) Inlet and exhaust cutting should be normal, safe and sensitive.

(6) Each connection part shall not be loose.

(7) The measurement of exhaust temperature and pressure at all levels shall comply with the provisions of all technical conditions.

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