plastic vacuum pump

Plastic machinery ring vacuum pump main advantages:

Less dangerous and more widely used.

Plastic machinery water ring vacuum pump coaxial design, save space, easy to install

Adopt mechanical seal as standard configuration, eliminate leakage, easy maintenance.

Stable operation, noise can be as low as 62 db unified corrosion resistance design,

Bronze impeller improves the pump corrosion resistance, stainless steel is more suitable for more demanding applications

2bv water ring vacuum pump

plastic vacuum pump

Technical parameters

Curve No. Model Max. suction capacity Ultimate vacuum
Motor power
Operating liquidflow rate
m3/min m3/h
60V 2BV2-060 0.45 27 33mbar
0.81 2840 2.5 62 37
61V 2BV2-061 0.86 52 1.45 2840 2.5 65 41
70V 2BV2-070 1.33 80 2.35 2860 3 66 66
71V 2BV2-071 1.83 110 3.85 2880 4.7 72 85
110V 2BV5-110 2.75 165 4 1440 7.2 63 120
111V 2BV5-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 8.8 68 150
121V 2BV5-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 11 69 210
131V 2BV5-131 6.66 400 11 1460 16 73 280
161V 2BV5-161 8.33 500 15 970 22 74 390
110V 2BV6-110 2.75 165 4 1440 67 63 150
111V 2BV6-111 3.83 230 5.5 1440 10 68 200
121V 2BV6-121 4.66 280 7.5 1440 12 69 230
131V 2BV6-131 6.66 400 11 1460 17 73 315
161V 2BV6-161 8.33 500 15 970 23 74 426


Performance curve

plastic vacuum pump performance curve

Installation dimensions

plastic vacuum pump installation dimensions

Suitable for plastic extruder

Suitable for plastic extruder

It is easy to make the material degradation, performance reduction, product internal and external quality decline, at the same time in the hole, chip in the mother material, affect the quality. The screw design makes the material exhaust in the vacuum state generally, which is beneficial to the expansion and escape of the gas, thus ensuring the quality of the product.

When you decide to buy a vacuum pump there are two options:

Vacuum pump

Only buy a vacuum pump to achieve its performance. It is more competitive than the whole system vacuum pump price.

Vacuum pump system (vacuum pump + pump cylinder)
The advantage of the whole system vacuum pump is longer service life, because in the vacuum pump is still working, then assemble a vacuum cylinder and filter vacuum, can be more easily replaced.

2BV series water ring vacuum pump

I. if you need to order 2BV series water ring vacuum pumps; To be sure:
1. 2BV series water ring vacuum pump; Flow, lift, suction height.
2BV series water ring vacuum pump supporting power, 2BV series water ring vacuum pump; Working voltage.
3. 2BV series water ring vacuum pump; Inlet and outlet diameters.
4. 2BV series water ring vacuum pump; Overcurrent media. So that our technical staff for your accurate choice.

2. If 2BV series water ring vacuum pump has been selected by the design unit; The product model is directly ordered according to the selected model and EVP vacuum technology co., LTD. Sales department.

If in 2BV series water ring vacuum pump; Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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