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In recent years, with the use of some new materials, the development of liquid ring vacuum pumps has become diversified. The technical parameters to measure the performance of liquid ring vacuum pump include flow rate, suction distance, head, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc. In the production industry of liquid ring vacuum pump, the earliest material used is cast iron. With the use of stainless steel and other materials, the development of liquid ring vacuum pump has entered a new stage.

Below by the Iraq liquid ring vacuum pump supplier for you to say how to correctly select the type of liquid ring vacuum pump in the commonly used application industry, and how to repair the vacuum pump when it breaks down.

liquid ring vacuum pump Type:

1. In the selection of liquid ring vacuum pumps, the determined products need to ensure the smooth extraction of various gases released during the process. In the application process of liquid ring vacuum pump, there are many kinds of gas media, such as flammable, explosive, condensable, reversible and corrosive, etc. The applicability of the selected liquid ring vacuum pump should be guaranteed. For example, a large amount of water vapor will be generated in the process, and the vacuum pump must be suitable for pumping water vapor.

2. Limit vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump must be higher than that required by process production, at least one order of magnitude higher, and the equipment is suitable for working within the required working vacuum degree range. The ultimate vacuum degree of vacuum pump is the vacuum degree that can be achieved when the pumping speed is zero. Therefore, in order to ensure the pumping speed of the vacuum pump in the working vacuum, it is necessary to satisfy that its limit vacuum degree is greater than the working vacuum degree, and a larger pumping speed is needed in the interval.

3. The pumping speed of the liquid ring vacuum pump is greater than the maximum exhaust volume in the process. In order to ensure the vacuum degree, the selection of vacuum pump involves the continuous ventilation in the process. The pumping speed of liquid ring vacuum pump or vacuum system should be greater than the maximum ventilation in the process. If there is a cold trap or baffle in the system, the effective pumping speed after adding the trap or baffle should be greater than the maximum venting volume in the process. If there is a sudden large amount of exhaust in the process, the effective pumping speed of the system should be increased appropriately, usually to 2-3 times the maximum exhaust volume.

4. In the selection of liquid ring vacuum pump, the working medium and manufacturing materials of the selected vacuum pump must meet the technological requirements. In the application of liquid ring vacuum pump, especially in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, battery and so on, the extracting medium is often corrosive gas, which requires corresponding anti-corrosion measures for the equipment. For example, acid and alkali gases need correspondingly anti-corrosion coating or the material of the pump should be changed to stainless steel anti-corrosion; when gas with dust or particles, dust collectors, filters or the pump itself should be added before the inlet of the pump, and so on.

5. In the process of continuous production, the vacuum pump selected must meet the needs of continuous production. If necessary, set up a spare vacuum pump with automatic replacement to reduce the production interruption caused by accidents. If the discharge volume is smaller and smaller in the process, the maintenance pump can be set up to save energy and reduce consumption.

6. The economy of using liquid ring vacuum pump. In the process of vacuum pump selection, when many kinds of vacuum pumps can meet the technological requirements at the same time, the economic analysis of cost and operation cost should be carried out. The vacuum pumps with good economy, reliable operation, small maintenance and convenient use and maintenance should be selected.


Fault and method of liquid ring vacuum pump:

1. Limit vacuum is not high and its elimination

(1) The oil level is too low, there is a greater exhaust sound, can be added to clean vacuum pump oil.

(2) Pump oil is polluted by condensable steam and can be purified or replaced by new oil in an open gas town.

(3) Leakage of pipes, containers, test instrument pipes and joints outside the pump mouth. When there is a big leakage, there is a big exhaust sound, and the exhaust outlet is exhausted. We should find out the location of the leakage and eliminate it.

(4) Intake nozzle or ballast valve rubber seal is improperly assembled, damaged or aging, should be adjusted or replaced.

(5) The oil hole of the intake nozzle is blocked, and the intake nozzle can be pulled out to dredge the oil hole.

(6) The vacuum system is seriously polluted, including containers, pipes, etc. It should be cleaned.

(7) When the blade spring is broken, it should be replaced.

(8) If the screw, pump body or cover are worn and the clearance is too large, it should be checked, repaired or replaced.

(9) Pump temperature is too high, ventilation and cooling should be improved. If the temperature of the extracted gas is too high, it should be cooled before entering the pump.

2. Fuel injection

(1) Excessive oil level can bring in and out excess oil.

(2) If there is pump oil or sundries in the mist reducer, it should be removed.

3. Oil spill

Oil discharge screw plug, oil tank gasket damage or improper assembly, screw tightening;

The oil mark is not tightened and the plexiglass is superheated and deformed.

The connecting gasket between pump body parts and support is not well padded.

The oil package is improperly matched or worn out; it should be adjusted or replaced.

4. Noise

(1) The rotary leaf spring is broken and the spring can be changed.

(2) If burrs, dirt or deformations occur and operation obstacles occur, grinding and cleaning should be checked.

(3) Bearing wear, parts wear. It should be repaired or replaced.

(4) The motor should be inspected if something goes wrong.

5. Oil Return

(1) Check valve is not closed properly, after stopping the pump, the oil level drops quickly, and can be reopened and stopped again to observe the change or disassemble and inspect.

(2) The oil package of the two pump caps can be exchanged if it is not properly matched or worn out.

(3) The surface of the pump cover or body is uneven and can be repaired.

(4) If the exhaust valve piece is damaged, it should be changed.

Above is the Iraq liquid ring vacuum pump supplier to provide you with reference data, if you have any questions about the selection, feel free to contact us

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