Liquid ring serial air compressor

Air compressor introduction:

We mainly provide liquid ring series air compressors, with years of professional air compressor manufacturing experience, especially in the field of super quiet air compressor (noise less than 45 db) leading technology advantage.

Air compressor features:

Air compressor noise

Noise less than 62 db, ultra-quiet air compressor, small air compressor, etc., suitable for medical, dental and other medical fields, food processing, printing, testing, analytical equipment and other fields and laboratories, scientific research units, etc., noise and office work noise value is close to give you a quiet working environment. Can meet the different special needs of customers.

Air compressor pressure

The air supply pressure of the standard oil-lubricated air compressor can be adjusted to 8bar at most, or to 16 bar with additional equipment.

Air compressor head

Air compressors are – unlike traditional oil – lubricated air compressors – without piston rings. As the clearance between the piston and the cylinder of the air compressor has been reduced to the minimum, the piston ring can be discarded to reduce wear or heat generated by friction

Air compressor tank

Air compressors and powder coating gas storage irrigation have been approved by international accreditation bodies to ensure legal and proper use worldwide. This allows customers around the world to combine products with their products. All products of global advantage are guaranteed for two years (up to five years for gas storage irrigation). According to different models, 3.5l, 4L, 6L, 9L, 15L, 24L, 50L, 100L can be provided

Air compressor certification

All products have CE label. Most gas storage irrigation has been approved by ASME.

Air compressor configuration

International offers exceptional performance and quality “oil-free compressors” that can come in multiple configurations, each compressor assembled in a powder-coated air tank and including a 5 micron moisture filter. Optional air dryer, air filter.

Liquid ring serial air compressor

Liquid ring serial air compressor

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