Liquid ring vacuum pump for zipper industry

Liquid ring vacuum pump in zipper industry of analysis

Zipper industry is a 24-hour working system, and the vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump is generally about – 0.05 ~ – 0.07 MPa. It has been in low vacuum for a long time, and some waste oil gas will be brought in during the pumping process.

Because the suction will inhale metal powder, the filter should be installed in front of the pump. At the same time, because the pump has been used continuously for a long time, it is necessary to select a durable liquid ring vacuum pump with good quality. Its high efficiency and durability are more than 100 times of its value.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for zipper industry

Daily problems:

Liquid ring vacuum pump in causes of squeal

1. Liquid ring vacuum pump parts damage or due to solid into the pump cavity caused by solid, the solution is to check the situation in the pump, clear the pump cavity debris.

2. due to the wear of the bearing or shaft of the liquid ring vacuum pump motor, the method of checking and replacing the new bearing and the rotor shaft of the motor is solved.

3. The shaft center of the pump body and motor of liquid ring vacuum pump is not well aligned, which leads to the coupling wear and damage and the phenomenon of large vibration and noise. The solution is to replace the new coupling or correct the shaft center line.

4. When the vacuum is too large, the liquid ring vacuum pump will also emit a particularly harsh noise. The solution is to open the air shock valve of the liquid ring vacuum pump and put some air in. The pump can enter the normal state again.

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