Mexico liquid ring compressor

Mexico customers often ask: Mexico liquid ring compressor and Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump is a pump? In fact, the principle is about the same, but the essence is two completely different pumps working principle.

Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump and Mexico liquid ring compressor work on the same principle, the basic types and structure are roughly the same. Here is a brief understanding of the difference between liquid ring compressor and liquid ring vacuum pump:


First, the scale of compression ratio is different.

Compression ratio, that is, the compression ratio at higher efficiency, is generally higher in vacuum pumps than in compressors.

Two: The size of exhaust holes is different

At the same scale, the exhaust hole of the compressor is smaller than that of the vacuum pump.

Third: The scale of impeller circumferential velocity is different

1. Compressor 18 < mu2 < 24, compressor mu2 excellent = 23-24 m/s.

2. Vacuum pump 14 < mu 2 < 17, Mu you = about 16 m/s.

4. Different structures of gas-water separators

1. The air-water separator of the vacuum pump is flat-top, and the overflow pipe is a general water pipe.

2. The top of the air-water separator of the compressor is spherical, and its overflow pipe is operated by a float regulating valve, so as to prevent the compressed gas from escaping when the water level is below the overflow pipe, and reduce the gas pressure and good air volume.

Although Mexico liquid ring vacuum pump and Mexican liquid ring compressor work on the same principle, the basic type and structure are roughly the same, but careful study can be discussed between them, so you should not choose the wrong choice in the future, choose a suitable one.

The liquid ring compressor is used to suck or compress air and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble, solid-free gases in order to form vacuum and pressure in a closed container. However, inhaled gases allow a small amount of liquid to be mixed. It is widely used in mechanical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, sugar industry and electronic fields.

Because the compression of gas is isothermal in the working process, it is not easy to cause danger when compressing and sucking flammable and explosive gases. So its application is more extensive.

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