Liquid Ring Vacuum pump mushroom drying

The main components of freeze dryer (freeze dryer) are drying box, condenser, refrigeration unit, vacuum pump, heating / cooling device, etc. In the 21st century, the vacuum freeze-drying technology with the advantages of other drying methods is more and more popular. In addition to being widely used in the fields of medicine, biological products, food, blood products and active substances, its application scale and field are still expanding.

Mushroom drying can obtain high-quality drying products. A liquid ring pump is provided, which is one of the necessary products for mushroom drying. Let’s take a look at the liquid ring vacuum pump:

Liquid ring vacuum pump improvement of anticorrosion technology

1) The new improved anti-corrosion process scheme sums up the benefits of several existing anti-corrosion liquid ring vacuum pumps. According to the different requirements of anti-corrosion and cavitation degree of each flow passage part, different process methods are adopted on the matrix made of cast iron, cast steel or carbon steel, so that its functions of acid resistance, alkali resistance and cavitation resistance are greatly advanced, and its service life is extended. Under the condition of vacuum degree of 3kpa and water and steam washing, the lining layer of overflow parts can operate reliably in regular repair cycle. The repair period is 0.5-2 years according to the different working conditions such as corrosive medium, temperature, pump speed, etc. Compared with stainless steel, it can reduce the cost of anticorrosion by 1 ~ 5 times under the same working condition and service life.

2) Because the parts matrix of the vacuum pump will not be damaged, when the corrosion-resistant lining aging failure, can be concise, economical and useful for repeated repair.

3) It can be applied to all liquid ring vacuum pumps with flat distributor structure, with low cost, long service life and relatively simple manufacturing process. It is suitable for chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, papermaking, pharmaceutical and other professions to pump corrosive gases without solid substances.

Liquid Ring Vacuum pump mushroom drying

Liquid Ring Vacuum pump mushroom drying

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