Stainless steel efficiency dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump overview

The general vacuum system can not meet the requirements of cleaning, oil-free and corrosion-resistant. A large number of oil-free vacuum systems have been replaced by oil-free clean vacuum systems. The dry-type oil-free, clean and environmentally friendly vacuum products will accelerate the replacement of water ring pump, water jet vacuum pump, reciprocating pump and oil seal mechanical pump. The stainless steel high efficiency dry screw vacuum pump is a non-contact dry pump. It is an ideal vacuum pump which appeared in the early 1990s. It has the advantages of wide pumping speed, simple and compact structure, no friction, long service life, low energy consumption and no oil pollution.

The screw vacuum pump is a working room composed of a pair of parallel helical rotors and the pump body. There is no friction between the rotors and the pump body and a certain gap is maintained. A sealing cavity is formed between the two rotors and the pump body. When the rotors rotate, the gas in the sealing cavity is continuously squeezed to the exhaust port for discharge. Because the screw vacuum pump does not need oil lubrication or water sealing, and the pump cavity is completely oil-free, so the screw vacuum pump is an oil-free dry vacuum pump, which has incomparable advantages in semiconductor, electronic industry, occasions requiring oil-free cleaning and solvent recovery process in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is a reciprocating pump, water ring pump, water jet vacuum pump, oil sealed slide valve vacuum pump, rotary chip vacuum pump Replacement products of air pump and roots unit.

One lead of the screw vacuum pump is equivalent to the first stage pump, and the screw vacuum pump with multiple leads is equivalent to the multi-stage pump in series. Compared with the dry vacuum pump with multi-stage series such as claw vacuum pump and multi-stage Roots vacuum pump, because there is no internal channel between the various pumps of the screw vacuum pump, the gas is directly pushed from the suction side to the exhaust side, so the condensable gas with powder is removed The gas of dust and particles is not easy to block and easy to clean. The pressure of the inhaled gas is steadily higher than that of the discharged gas. This design makes the exhaust gas free of oily substances. The power of the motor is transmitted to the driving shaft through the coupling device, and the main rotating shaft is transmitted to the driven shaft through the equal ratio gear.

Dry screw vacuum pump features

1. Clean and environmental protection: there is no lubricating oil in the working chamber. It is a dry vacuum pump, which is conducive to medium recovery and can obtain a clean vacuum. There is no waste oil and waste water discharge in the working process and no pollution to the environment. It is an environmental vacuum equipment.
2. High vacuum degree: optimized design of rotor profile, made by precise machining of German five axis linkage compound machining center, with large air extraction in high vacuum area, high working efficiency and low power consumption.
3. Anti corrosion: for different air extraction medium, there are various materials such as titanium material, stainless steel, etc. for flow passage parts, as well as spraying nano ceramic and NiP alloy anti-corrosion coating, which can remove corrosive and coagulable chemical medium, and is suitable for the use in the corrosive occasions such as distillation, drying, concentration, degassing of products in pharmaceutical and chemical processes.
4. Can pump out condensable gas and a small amount of dust gas: the screw pump cavity is designed with an automatic suction and purging device, which can prevent a small amount of dust deposition in the pump cavity, and can be used to pump out gas containing a small amount of dust.
5. Special shaft seal design to prevent mutual contamination of pumped medium and lubricating system: this special design can effectively prevent mutual penetration of lubricating oil in gear cavity and pump cavity medium, achieve real dry vacuum, and extend the service life of main components such as pump bearing gear.
6. LGB type variable pitch energy saving and low noise: the optimized design of rotor type linear variable pitch has remarkable energy saving effect, such as: when 110L / s screw pump is used within 1000Pa of the inlet, the power is about 5kW, and the noise of the equipment without noise reduction is ≤ 79dB. Variable pitch screw pump with variable frequency speed control design can be started and operated under any pressure.
7. Stable operation: G1 fine dynamic balance test is conducted for the rotor, with stable operation and small vibration.
8. High standard configuration: SKF is adopted for bearing, 5-6 grade gear is adopted for equal ratio synchronous gear, and German standard coupling is adopted for coupling.
9. Different industries for targeted differential design: the company’s screw pump for pharmaceutical and chemical industry and electronic industry for different process conditions of the pump for a special design. LGB variable distance screw pump series, with high vacuum degree, low energy consumption, low noise and dust deposition prevention design, is an updated replacement product of H, 2h slide valve pump series and 2x rotary vane pump series; LGF screw pump series has anti-corrosion design for overflow part, which can pump out a large amount of water vapor and a variety of corrosive media; the cooling and recovery noise reduction design for exhaust port is clean and environmentally friendly, which is suitable for chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other working environments It is a series of replacement products of vertical reciprocating pump, water ring pump and water jet vacuum pump in the chemical industry.
10. Complete accessories: screw pump supporting design has inlet filter, outlet muffler, outlet cooling recovery device, temperature sensor, mobile rack and other accessories. It can be selected for different working conditions of customers.

Stainless steel efficiency dry screw vacuum pump

Stainless steel efficiency dry screw vacuum pump

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