Liquid ring vacuum pumps characteristics‎

In order to ensure the normal operation of liquid ring vacuum pump, it is necessary to understand its power supply

Liquid ring vacuum pump main features

Direct connection design of motor saves space, is easy to install and maintain.

All adopt imported mechanical seal as standard configuration.

The casting adopts the precision casting technology and is produced in strict accordance with the national standard.

It has neat appearance, good heat dissipation and excellent mechanical properties.

All of them are equipped with the cavitation protection pipe interface. If they work under the limit pressure, opening the cavitation protection pipe interface (or connecting with the separator) can eliminate the cavitation sound and protect the pump under the condition that the suction effect is guaranteed to a large extent by Z.

When the liquid ring vacuum pump is used, it cannot be separated from the power supply equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to adopt a correct and reasonable power supply mode.

Many friends only know to connect the power supply, and they know little about the power supply knowledge of the equipment. Next, we will teach you about the power supply knowledge.

1. Because the medium of liquid ring vacuum pump is “water or liquid”, its specific gravity is large; while the working medium of micro vacuum pump and micro air pump is “gas”, its specific gravity is light; therefore, the working current of micro pump is generally larger than that of the latter, about 1-10 Amperes, and the working current of the latter is generally small, ranging from several hundred milliamperes to several amperes;

2. Common dry cells (such as 1.5V No.1 battery) have a large internal resistance and provide a small current. A large part of the voltage is consumed by the internal resistance, so the voltage drops rapidly. Considering the power and service time, they are not suitable for the power supply of the feed ring vacuum pump.

3, battery is the general term of battery, because principle and dry battery, can provide larger current and power, widely used in electric vehicles, cars and other mobile vehicles, agricultural spraying spray, field sampling and other occasions where there is no power supply.

The above is today about to ensure the normal operation of the liquid ring vacuum pump, we need to share all the information about its power supply. I hope it will be helpful for you to use this equipment in the future.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps characteristics‎

Liquid ring vacuum pumps characteristics‎

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