Low noise vacuum pump

Low noise vacuum pump of Introduction

Vacuum pump is a positive displacement pump, the size of the pump body volume determines the efficiency of the vacuum pump. At present, vacuum pumps at home and abroad generally adopt the circular pump body, the advantage of this design lies in the convenience of processing and installation; Therefore, vacuum pump efficiency is generally not high. The main reason is that the impeller of vacuum pump needs more centrifugal force to make the sealing fluid to separate the vacuum pump in and out. The sealing fluid in the vacuum pump plays the role of energy transfer and sealing in the vacuum pump, but the vacuum pump can only reach the design volume as far as possible due to the limitation of structure in the suction and discharge cavity.

The traditional vacuum pump body is all welded pump body, the surface of the steel plate is smooth, sealing fluid directly impact on the smooth surface will appear linear repeat back, so as to produce secondary noise, and the smooth vacuum pump surface has no ability to absorb noise.

Low noise vacuum pump

Low noise vacuum pump of features

1. Compact structure and small floor space.

2. Because the gas is compressed in the pump, the consumption power is low.

3. As there is no oil lubrication in the vacuum chamber, the dust will not remain in the pump chamber, but will be discharged out of the pump with gas from the exhaust port. And solve the oil emulsification and frequent replacement of working fluid, frequent maintenance and maintenance problems, saving the use cost.

4. There is no internal valve in the pump chamber, which eliminates the possibility of failure due to the internal valve, so it has a strong dust and tar capacity.

5. No waste water, waste oil discharge, no pollution to the environment.

6. High limit vacuum can replace most roots water rings and roots reciprocating vacuum units.

7. The surface of the pump cavity and screw can be treated with nickel plating and Harley alloy coating, which can remove a lot of water vapor and a variety of corrosive media

Low noise vacuum pump for notes :

1. When used, the vacuum pump must be equipped with the front stage pump, do not use it alone.

2. Vacuum pump is mainly used for the device in the vacuum unit, whose function is to improve the pumping speed and vacuum degree of the front stage pump. Vacuum pump equipped with bypass valve, connected with the front pump, can effectively protect the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump with bypass valve will protect the vacuum pump and extend the service life of the whole vacuum device if the pump of the front stage is unstable or other factors cause the whole device to work abnormal.

3. If the vacuum pump reduces the vacuum degree during use, it is necessary to check whether the clearance between the rotor of the vacuum pump changes. If the rotor clearance of the vacuum pump becomes larger, it is necessary to replace the vacuum pump. Vacuum pump rotor in the production or processing of the vacuum pump did not do static balance, or the use of shaft sleeve seal.

4. When choosing vacuum pump, pay special attention to the sealing method of vacuum pump. Generally, vacuum pump adopts mechanical seal, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of vacuum pump. If the sealing method of vacuum pump chooses the bushing sealing, it will greatly reduce the working efficiency, so when choosing the sealing form of vacuum pump, you should be careful.

Low noise vacuum pump of use:

Low noise vacuum pumps are widely used in power, building materials, chemical, textile, food, metallurgy, mining, air separation and other industries as well as sewage treatment and pneumatic conveying systems. Vacuum pump accessories are vacuum pumps, used for vacuum pump noise tube

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