Vertical screw dry vacuum pump supplier

Vertical screw dry vacuum pump supplier, the unique vertical structure helps to discharge a large amount of liquid, powder and viscous substances, and solves the problem of dust and condensate accumulation in the cavity of horizontal screw pump.

Vertical screw dry vacuum pump supplier

Vertical screw dry vacuum pump of characteristics and advantages

1. Efficient cooling structure
The vertical screw body adopts precision water-cooled spacer casting, and the unique exhaust section water-cooled spacer casting, so that the gas in the compression process maintains a very low temperature rise, which greatly improves the production safety compared with similar products; at the same time, cold water spacer is also set around the bearing and seal, which not only reduces the working temperature of vulnerable parts, but also extends the service life of vulnerable parts.

2. High standard quality assurance
The bottom plate of vertical tandem screw pump is made of stainless steel and treated specially, which can greatly prolong its service life under high temperature and corrosive conditions. The shaft end is made of military materials from the second Academy of aerospace, which not only improves the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, mechanical strength and toughness, but also ensures the ultimate performance of the vacuum pump.

3. Advanced sealing structure
The vertical screw dry vacuum pump adopts the combined reverse spiral industrial labyrinth seal, which is more suitable for the use of pharmaceutical, chemical and other processes containing dust, easy crystallization and condensable gas, replacing the mechanical seal structure, ensuring stable production and reducing maintenance costs.

4. Reliable lubrication system
The gears in the transmission part are lubricated with oil and the bearings are lubricated by forced lubrication, which ensures the reliability of lubrication and greatly prolongs the maintenance period of bearings.

5. Unique gas-liquid mixing on-line automatic cleaning
The unique on-line automatic cleaning function of gas-liquid mixing of dry screw vacuum pump can completely solve the problem of shutdown caused by special working conditions such as viscous and easily crystallized materials, and replace the old cleaning methods such as nitrogen purging, so as to avoid production stagnation and ensure production stability.

6. High reliability
The vertical screw dry-type vacuum pump has less internal parts. Compared with the imported vertical screw pump, the vertical tandem screw pump has a more professional design concept. Due to the reduction of the structural design center of gravity, the operation is more reliable, more stable, the maintenance is more convenient, and the service life is long.

7. Convenient maintenance
The screw pump has few parts, the pump cover and pump shell can be easily disassembled and opened vertically. It is very easy to remove and wash the pump cavity and rotor. It does not need to re calibrate and install the whole equipment. It is easy to repair and clean. The general repair and cleaning do not need to be returned to the factory. Customers can repair and maintain by themselves.

8. Good dynamic balance
The vertical screw dry vacuum pump has no unbalanced inertia force, and the vacuum pump can run stably and at high speed.

9. Strong adaptability
Due to the free sedimentation and high-speed airflow, the vertical tandem screw pump is very conducive to the discharge of dust and condensate, which completely eliminates the accumulation of dust and condensate in the cavity of the horizontal screw pump, and can easily discharge the liquid while working. It is especially suitable for the conditions with large amount of gas, powder and condensable gas.

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