Medical dry vacuum pump

API is the basic chemical composition of finished medicine. In today’s pharmaceutical industry, vacuum technology plays a vital role in drug quality and pharmaceutical efficiency, environmental health and safety, and sustainable development.

Medical dry vacuum pump

With the increasing demand for environmental protection and sustainable development, pharmaceutical manufacturers have gradually applied dry vacuum pump technology into pharmaceutical process. The use of dry vacuum pump technology is an ideal solution for environmental sustainability. The efficient use of energy and the advantages of water saving can greatly reduce the sewage discharge of pharmaceutical factories.

Vacuum technology is involved in the production and application of a large number of raw materials. These include evaporation, distillation, crystallization, and the direct conversion of solids to virgin gases using a vacuum, without the sublimation of the liquid.

Dry vacuum pumps have been around for a long time, but there is no clear definition. In place of oil seal mechanical pump, the general general statement is: can work in atmospheric pressure to 10-2pa pressure range; In the pump suction air passage (such as the pump chamber), can not use any oil and liquid, exhaust port and air communication, can continue to air exhaust pump, that is called dry vacuum pump (also known as oil-free vacuum pump).

Compared with the oil-sealed mechanical pump, these dry pumps reach the same ultimate pressure, but their residual gas composition is completely different. According to the analysis results, the residual gas of the oil-sealed pump, CnHm gas (hydrocarbon gas) is its main composition, and the residual gas of the dry pump is the composition of air. This proved that the dry pump pumping air no longer have oil pollution.

Some in the structural design of dry pump, such as pump drive gear and bearing are still in use, such as lubricating oil, also useful synthetic oil, such as PFPE oil and the oil, and take some measures to make the oil vapor in the pump cavity does not exist, strictly speaking not devoid of oil pump, but by the analysis of the synthetic oil composition at the entrance of the pump is negligible, and no effect.

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