Medical vacuum pump for inhaling anesthetic gas

Medical vacuum

Capable of utilizing its experience and expertise in vacuum pump manufacturing to design systems for field production of medical liquids, including medical vacuums.

Our medical vacuum system designed for different applications, mainly: new pediatrics, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, recovery and so on.

Our medical series vacuum system use different vacuum pump technology to meet the demand of all of your medical vacuum:

Hospital departments of medical vacuum equipment, such as new pediatrics, surgery, intensive care, recovery,
Medical vacuum for laboratory use
Medical vacuum for inhalation of anesthetic gas, SEGA
The medical vacuum in the emergency room

Our medical vacuum system design USES different technologies: lubricating vane vacuum pumps, vacuum pump oil free claw, oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump and oil free piston vacuum pump and liquid ring vacuum pumps and side channel vacuum pump KAV. They are very suitable for the production of medical vacuum, especially its main assets: vacuum level and the ability to work in the wet process.

The standby system designed to ensure that in the main power supply cannot work normally to complete the ongoing surgical cases to ensure that provide need medical liquid (including medical vacuum) of hospital services.

Vacuum pump using when points to note:

Key points of pump installation

Pump installation points

(1) installation location

1. The pump shall be installed as close to the water source as possible to reduce the suction head and shorten the length of the suction pipe.

2, pump room to choose a bright, dry and clean place for maintenance inspection; In addition, space must be reserved for disassembly inspection.
In particular, in the case of multiple pumps, mutual spacing, layout, to fully study.

3. When considering flood control, the top surface of the installation foundation should be made higher than the flood level;
Or choose the type of vertical shaft pump in the pool; Or just put your power machines and electrical equipment in a safe place,

4. Measuring instruments and other instruments should be arranged where they can be easily seen during start-up operation.

5, for the deep well submersible pump, the pump suction port is installed in the upper part of the filter net position to avoid the absorption of sediment.

6. Submersible electric pump on the operating surface. Where the minimum starting water level and the limit of operating water level are given,
7. it is important to be careful when deciding on the installation height. In addition, the upper part of the pump should be set up for the installation of lifting required lifting hole.

(2) foundation

1. In order to absorb vibration and firmly support the pump frame, the foundation of the pump shall have sufficient strength and size.

2. The weight of the foundation itself: for the type of direct connection of the motor, it is more than 3 times of the mechanical weight; The direct engine type is more than 5 times the mechanical weight ^

3. In the case of weak foundation, the foundation shall be treated with wooden or concrete piles.

4, the power machine and pump direct connection or with gear transmission, must use the whole foundation.

5, for the belt drive of the pump installation, and the pump and the power machine respectively set the foundation, to prevent the tension of the belt and cause the foundation to slip or overturn.

6. During the winter freezing period, the bearing capacity of the foundation surface should be reduced after freezing. Therefore, the buried depth of the foundation should be deeper than the depth of the frozen ground.

7. When using the second floor panel as the foundation, it is necessary to make the center of the foundation consistent with the center of the beam or make it straddle on two beams, and as close as possible to the walls of the building.

8. Install the pump after the foundation concrete has been fully hardened for about two weeks.

9, between the pump frame and the foundation concrete for the need of horizontal correction. Leave a gap of 10 to 30 mm.
At the same time, the foundation of the above concrete does not need a tile knife to wipe flat, uneven as the original left.

10. Square hole of sufficient size shall be used for pin hole.

Medical vacuum pump for inhaling anesthetic gas

Medical vacuum pump for inhaling anesthetic gas

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