Rotary vane vacuum pump troubleshooting methods

When the Rotary vane vacuum pump in the process of operation, vacuum pump with improper operation, it will tend to be a failure, such as rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum degree decline, fuel injection, smoke, oil seal leaks, noise, etc., and pump in the vacuum pump oil emulsion.if this kind of situation happened , first of all, don’t panic, such as stopping later ruled out one by one according to malfunction.

Here are a few troubleshooting methods.

First: A smoking of rotary vane vacuum pump and oil leakage: refers to the rotary vane vacuum pumps running out port smoking or injection.

1, smoking, if there is the phenomenon of smoking is just beginning to pump running, belongs to the normal, if a lot of smoke is not normal for a long time.Solution: smoke that the inlet of the pump outlets, including pipes, valves, containers have repair.Leak detection after processing the smoke will end.

2, fuel injection, air intake outlets have a large number of funnelled, even the air inlet exposed to the atmosphere.Solution: seal of the pump inlet pump running, if not injection, specification has funnelled;Exhaust valve damage, check whether the exhaust valve piece is damaged, replace the bad exhaust valve.
Second: rotary vane vacuum pump noise: this refers to the noise of the pump.

1, knocking, pump running the thrum of the irregular, like the voice of metal banging on metal.This was the voice of the rotary vane in hitting the pump body.This kind of situation is mainly between paired rotary vane spring or failure caused by shrinkage or pop-up is cut off.Solution: open check rotary vane pump spring is damaged.Replace the good spring.

2, exhaust valve noise, mainly is the exhaust valve of the pump damage.Solution: replace the good exhaust valve.

Three: rotary vane vacuum pumps vacuum degree decline : refers to the present of rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum degree is lower than factory index or before when using vacuum.The causes of low vacuum degree has a lot of, introduced here
Several main conditions.

1, the rotary vane vacuum pump oil for the brand and the original is not the same.Vacuum pump oil of different grades, due to the different type of oil in the saturated vapor pressure is different, so the result is not the same.Solution: according to the product specifications to replace the right new vacuum pump oil.

2, the other is caused by the vacuum pump oil vacuum degree is low, is the vacuum pump oil emulsification discoloration, or too dirty.Solution: put clean all the vacuum pump oil inside the pump, the replacement of the same type vacuum pump oil, and water vapor and impurity solution is pumped gas into the pump.

3, is pumped gas temperature may be too high.The temperature of the solution: reduce the smoke gas, or you can add a corresponding heat exchanger.

4, inside the pump oil impassability, or not free, no keep a certain amount of oil pump cavity.Solution: check whether the oil is clear, and the same type of vacuum pump oil.

5, cooperate with clearance change big.It’s long been pumping gas containing dust, etc., caused by rotary vane wear after the clearance between stator and increase.
Solution: check whether the gap is too big, change the new parts.vacuum pump also include water ring vacuum pump , oil diffusion pump, rotary piston vacuum pump , turbo molecular pump , dry vacuum pump , roots pump and so on .

Rotary vane vacuum pump troubleshooting methods2XZ direct drive rotary vane vacuum pump2x-a rotary vane vacuum pump

Troubleshooting steps

Vacuum pump after a period of use (generally 3000 hours), to carry out maintenance.

1. Check whether all parts are damaged, and repair and replace them.

2. Thoroughly clean the pump.

3. Replace shaft seals, valve plates, wearing parts and replace with new oil.

1. Remove the pipe, protective cover, triangular belt, connect the water pipe and remove the pump from the workplace.

2. Release the vacuum pump oil and cooling water.

3. Remove the exhaust cap and fuel tank cap. Oil shield, exhaust disc, exhaust seat and suction cylinder, filter screen.

4. Remove belt pulley, shaft seal gland and shaft packer ring.

5. After the first break of the stator cover, take out small rotor and other components, before dismantling the stator cover, take out big rotor and other components, inspection on all parts, thoroughly clean with gasoline, hot air blow dry or dry processing, assembly to prevent dust, sand, iron into the pump, moreover when tightening the screws, nuts, whole assembly face to gradually tighten to avoid uneven assembly to leak and pump assembly has been completed, after the injection of a small amount of vacuum pump oil, turn the pulley by hand.


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