liquid ring vacuum pump pumping speed

Why does the liquid ring vacuum pump reduce pumping speed in high vacuum area?

The application of liquid ring vacuum pumps has been limited because the liquid ring vacuum pump will drastically reduce the pumping speed when the vacuum degree exceeds -0.09Mpa, resulting in a low efficiency to  water ring vacuum pump.

The reason is as follows:

First, increasing water temperature causes too much water vapor in the pump chamber, which cause to cavitation and reduces the ability to pump air.

Second, due to the accuracy of the liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturing process, the remaining gas will be large.


(1)The solution to the problem of cavitation occurring in the high-vacuum state of the liquid ring vacuum pump is to improve the liquid ring vacuum use environment and the external conditions such as circulating water temperature and suction gas temperature as much as possible. Which will help to reduce cavitation.

(2)Regarding the manufacturing accuracy of the liquid ring vacuum pump, this problem is mainly the manufacturer’s design and production ability about accuracy of the liquid ring pump, which is also a test of the production capacity of the liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer.

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